Appeal Decision

I appealed an ESA decision last year and I eventually got a reply from the tribunals service 2 weeks ago in my favour. Small issue though, after two weeks the DWP haven’t written to me yet. Does anyone know how long they usually take?

Not sure, I appealed for my OH. We got letter beginning of March stating appeal been returned in our favour, but we still waiting to hear from DWP. Lets hope sometime soon eh???

By reading the letter they send I know the DWP have a right to appeal that decision. Which I find unfair. They get their say after they ask some questions for 30 mins, Tribunal should be final. I’m going to call them just now and I’ll get back to you.

Quickest call ever and it was DWP, I’m in shock. I was told it can take up to six weeks for them to get back to you.

Felt like I was being told off. “we are extremely busy with people going through Tribunals, you just need to be patient.” I wasn’t being rude or anything but her tone suggested it was rude to even ask. Maybe if they got it right first time there wouldn’t be delays.

I’m too polite Pat.