Anything positive about having MS? Read this blog (with link)

This is great:

Pat x

Hi Pat, I haven`t read the blog yet. Strangely I can list a few things which are good in my life, thru having a disability…I am home more to look after the grandchildren, I have time to sit and ponder this and that, my blue badge gets me free parking, the best thing of all? Getting to know you lot…my cyber family.

luv Pollx

Hi Pat It’s great to read about someone who can see this illness in a positive light. Sometimes that’s a very hard thing to do - on other days it’s easier. Thanks for finding this. It probably helps to make the rest of us a bit more positive. Teresa xx

read the blog and yes it does put things in prospective saying that I still feel guily not being able to work but needing a ‘rest’ after climbing the stairs it clearly lets me know stop kidding yourself and I feel fortunate even though I still don’t discuss symptoms with family , MS has robbed me but there is no point in giving her a platform either. On the plus side of MS hated socializing with hubby’s friend very rude guy and his wife no better, last year was a disaster and it let my hubby know I cant be in their company a bit extreme but hey no more sitting seething

The positive of not being at work is I can spend hours in my greenhouse (albeit I now sit in there) and I wont need to buy cucumbers as I am overrun with them.My garden is a riot of colour and I have the satisfaction of knowing I grew them all.

I have far less money but then as I dont go out much I dont spend.

I am as from today saving a fortune by not keeping a car ( that I havent driven for 9 mnths) so I have sold it.

First time in 27 yrs I havent had a car but then I am free of the dread I have every year when the MOT is looming!

My biggest relief is I am no longer on call 24/7 at work so my life is my own again,and at the moment the choice is mine–not the MonSters–as to how I live it.


I think that, like many other MSers, I was pushing myself through the fatigue for about 10 years before I even realised anything was wrong. Work and socialising were often a huge effort and just couldn’t understand why I was so tired and often upset because I couldn’t cope. Or so tired that I would be confused and thought I was losing my mind.

At least once other symptoms had kicked in and I eventually got dx, I realised why I had been feeling like that. So a huge relief not to feel like I had to push myself like that any more.

MS has given me the freedom to say ‘no’ to things I know I can’t manage or will completely do me in. I’ve come off the fast lane of the motorway and that is something I do not regret.

MS has also taught me to live in the moment (much more anyway, hard to do all the time). In the blog the writer talks about ‘mindfulness’ and I try to live with that. It’s being aware of what’s happening at this moment. Not looking back or forward. When my mind starts to wander into worries about the future or regrets from the past, I try to bring myself right back to the present moment. That is ‘mindfulness’ and it is extremely helpful when living with MS.

Pat x

i really identified with that blog.

there’s loads to get depressed about but there’s even more to be grateful for


No there isn’t. If life after MS is good, it must have been bad before.

Yep there is I am more appreciative of life and friends. MS is not, on the whole, terminal. So there is a lot to be thankful for.