Anyone with Parkinsons AND MS? Dual diagnosis


I have young onset Parkinson’s disease and have had this diagnosed now for 2 years. At the time of my initial PD diagnosis I also had tingling and was extremely fatigued.

I have right sided stiffness, rigidity and slowness and respond to the parkinsons meds. I definitely have YOPD.

However, I have recently suffered from what has been diagnosed as Bell’s palsy. I had right eye drop, persistant eye twitch, tingling face and right side of tongue. In addition, I have started with bladder issues- urgency incontinance, where I have voided my bladder before I could make the loo. I am exhausted beyond words. My pd specialist has referred me for another mri (last one at diagnosis had no lesions but lumbar puncture showed increased protein) as they feel I need to be checked for ms as well as these symptoms are not consistent with pd. I also have a parent and grandparent with MS.

Has anyone else had a dual diagnosis? If so, what is your life like? I am feeling deflated, though I am hopeful that if I get out on the correct pathway I can turn things around.

Thank you

Hello, sorry to hear about your health issues and hope they ease off with medication. I don’t have a dual diagnosis I just have MS but my father had Parkinson’s Disease so have some knowledge of it and was told by a neurologist I once had (haven’t had one now for around 10 years as the hospital ran out of money so discharged their MS patients back to their GPs but my GP know next to nothing about MS :unamused: ) that there could be a connection between the two diseases. It seems like there are a lot of medications and treatments being developed for Parkinson’s and I hope these will help you. Take care :kissing_heart: Maz