Anyone tried the Rebif 22mcg ?


I was on Rebif 44mcg 3 times per week for more than a year. but recently my doctor told me that I don’t need the 44mcg and put me on 22mcg becouse the side effect is less than the 44. I think 22 is for kids I’m 26 yo. another doctor said to me you must take the 44 three times a week or don’t take the med at all !

Anyone adult here take the 22 mcg ?

Hi yes 22mcg. Iv been on since January, and I really can’t tell you it’s helped, I’m actually much worse now than I was when I was 1st put on it, but how do you know if you would have been better without it? Can’t go back to jan and start again, they have now decided to put me on the high 44mcg dose, over a month ago, but my useless MS Nurse still hasn’t sorted it. Good luck.

Hi, How can your doctor say you don’t need 44? Where is his evidence or proof you don’t need it? I would challenge that and fight to stay on 44 Good luck Min xx

I was on 22 when I started it but moved up to 44 following a big relapse six months later. I’d also moved area and my new neurologist didn’t understand why I was put on 22 in the first place.

I started on 44 but after 6 months of bad headaches I went down to 22. I still Have headaches but not as bad as when I was on 44. MS is mostly stable for now. Sonia x


Im on the 22mcg and have been since 6 months after DX at 36yo and im now approaching 9 years , seems to have worked pretty well for me , had quite a few blips , but nothing my nurse will mark down as a proper relapse !!!


I’ve been on 22 for about 3 yrs. I started on 44 but my white cells went low. I’ve kept very well on both 22 and 44. I don’t think the efficacy is half even though the dosage obviously is. R

Ok. Tell me, I am going from 22 to 44 ASAP but do you think it will make a difference, before I started 22 in January, I could walk quit well with a stick, now I am walking along walls for balance struggling to get up stairs grading my right leg and can’t take a chance driving so can’t work, self employed for past 33years so no medical retirement money for me? Not that I know about anyway, #stuffed. Lol

been on 22 for 7 years, have had 5 big relapses in that time, 2 last year so the neuro is changing my meds. im 33 :slight_smile:

Grahman 100, I can’t say whether 44 will make a big difference since everyone’s MS is so different and and also how aggressive it is. I hope it does make a big difference for you and reduces the relapses. I think neurologists have to try certain drugs in a certain order. If 44 doesn’t do the trick there are other meds to try for rapidly evolving aggressive ms eg. Tysabri. R