Rebif 22mg

Hello everyone. Hope you are all as well as possible. I have been taking Rebif 44mg for nearly 3 yrs and I have not had a relapse for 2 and half years BUT over this time my white cells and platelets have gone right down. When I saw my neurologist this week he reduced my rebif dosage by half to 22 mg. Has anyone else had to reduce or is anyone on 22 mg now and how are you keeping on it? I am worried that the lower dosage may cause relapses to start again. I know I just have to wait and see but any advice, comments or observations would be very welcome. Many thanks. Roger.

Hello Roger and Happy New Year,

I had about 18 months on the 22 dose, as my liver enzymes suddenly rose. I was assured that it would work as well as the 44 dose.

In 02, I moved back to the UK and my new neurologist decided that it wasn’t working as well as it could, so I was back on 44 again.

I did experience a rise in neuropathic pain - but to be honest, a total change in circumstances, could have been the culprit - after all moving from Jakarta, Indonesia to York and the loss of my husband’s job was enough to make anyone’s life a bit worse.

I didn’t have more relapses on 22, the skin reactions were smaller, so I hope you don’t have an increase in relapses either.

very best wishes,


Hi Katrine… And Happy New Year to you. Thanks for your reply. It is reassuring for me to hear that you didn’t have more relapses. I wonder if others have had to cut down? Best wishes to you. Roger x

I’ve not got personal experience, but I know that while Rebif 44 is more effective on average than Rebif 22, the difference is not huge. A lot of neuros only prescribe 22.

I hope you do really well on it.

Karen x

Thank you Karen. I have followed many of your erudite replies to other posts and value your opinion immensely. Very best wishes to you. Roger.

Hi Roger

My only experience of rebif is the 22 dose , have been on it for about 6 years , 12 months after DX and upto date have coped well , a few minor blips but no major relapses ( which id had 3 major ones in the 12 months prior to starting the treatment ) so can only say it has worked well for me

best of luck