Anyone else get these Windows Computer phone calls

I was home alone yesterday I know I am always left its because no one likes me. Well Heather got a better offer and went off with daughter number two and I was left with a picnic to play all by myself at home. The nice foriegn lady that keeps ringing about the computer rang again, perhaps she knew I was on my own, I kept her as long as I could but she eventually slammed the phone down. All the time she is on the phone to me she cant con anyone else.

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for a quiet day at home it was actually very busy

Have a good Day


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You can have a lot of fun with the scam callers - but you have to work at it.

The hash key. Yes, its the # one.
Tap it rhythmically: tap, tap, tap, tap, … and it send a tone back down the line with each tap. Don’t say a word, just tap …
Hold down the # key. this sends a continuous tone and they don’t know where the fault is.

The survey trick. This works on any of the telepests. Like them, you need to learn your script:
"I am so glad you called. I am doing a survey on telephone scammers. You dont mind taking part, do you. Good. Now the first question is … "
You can think of your own questions.

The"Your Windows computer has a virus" scam:
“My computer?”
“Oh yes. You have a virus but don’t worry. We can take care of this …”
“I said impossible. Both my computers run on UNIX”
Click Dial tone …

And other folk may have some more to contribute.


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Hi Don

i had a call regarding this only last week & like you did the same for my amusement of course, the gentleman in question ended the conversation by calling me a crazy lady that needed putting in a mental hospital, then promptly slammed the phone down.

I love how they use English names like James etc when it’s quite obvious from their foreign ethnic broken. english voice there not called James at all


I did have a lot of telesales calls at one point. This one day, I’d had enough and was feeling pretty cruel. So, when a guy phoned from some telesales place, with the most patronising voice ever; I decided he was gonna cop it. I had Judge Judy on the TV, so I said ‘hang on a minute’ and popped the phone next to the speaker of the TV. I could hear him shouting down the phone from where I was sat. Left it 5 mins. I couldn’t stop laughing, though, I was feeling cruel :wink:

Beverly thats not at all cruel

Sue its fun isnt it I have been called lots of names over the years but none of them have been anywhere near right.

Geoff I use that one as well but say I am on a Mac os which one is do they like Macs etc etc the then slam the phone down when they realise I am a MAD MAN



I haven’t had a call about a computer virus…yet. I do get loads of cold calls though, mostly pre recorded messages. I just place the phone on the table top in the hope of jamming a phone line for a couple of hours. No idea if it works but it makes me feel better.

A number of years ago I went through the process of getting all thes calls stopped. It worked for about two months then I started getting them again, tried to get them stopped but couldn’t so just have to put up with it.


i have been getting a lot of these stupid calls, and was looking at trying to stop it , but reading some of your tips i might have some fun, the classic was new windows said dont need it as have just recently replaced it, which the stupid caller answered how recent, after i had blasted her saying you called me and dont be so rude your ideas might be a good idea



If you look on youtube, there are some hilarious videos of some really elaborate and long-winded jokes played on these annoying scammers…especially the ones who try to scare the wotsit out of you by saying your PC has ‘critical errors’ on it.

I had loads of these over a short space of time, and got so fed up I kept one lady on for nearly 30 minutes pretending to be trying to follow her instructions on my PC! In the end, she got so fed up with me she put the phone down!!!

My PC-literate son took over one of them and started asking them questions they couldn’t answer…again, they eventually hung up on him!

I, too, always laugh when you can hardly understand them because of their obvious foreign accent and then they proceed to tell you their name is Roger Smith or Susan Jones…hilarious!!!

They were calling me once or twice a fornight saying they were from Microsoft (Microsoft never cold calls people). After I told them that my computers run Linux (three of them do so I wasn’t lying) they gave up.

I tell them I haven’t got a computer. They can’t put the phone down quickly enough!