Anybody from "workshy" Birmingham, Daily Mail Article?!

Daily Mail have run this story-

Articles like these do not help us genuine claimants and only adds fuel to the so-called dislike of the disabled by some.

P.S I am from Leeds, sixth on the list!

can,t beleive that these so called quality newspapers stoop lower then a snakes belly.isn,t there enough hatred of the disabled with them fanning the flames.i think it must be a conservative backed paper and this is their way of taking the heat of the tories after their poor show in the council elections.yes their are some benefit cheats but this sort of article just smears us all.i,m from leeds too a city of hard working genuine folk and until a couple of years ago i worked too.struggled on for 10 years with ms never claimed a penny .shame on the daily mail i,ll never buy it again

I work in Birmingham full time and it’s killing me. Comments like this do not thelp those who would love to work but can’t and those who struggle on. Grr