Any tips on stopping inflamation at injection site ,bit blotchy


My wife started on Betaferon, she’s been an absolute star ,no problems injecting her self with the machine thing she uses ( It’s probably got a proper name) Trouble is she’s getting very red in the areas shes injected ,they look like insect bites ,aggrevated a bit .She’s been to the doctors and they have given her some anti biotics to stop any infection. Do any of you have any tips your willing to share ,or offer any advice to make this a little easyier ? xx

Hiya So far I haven’t found anything to help with that. ( I’m switching to Avonex as the pain is injecting has become unbearable and unfortunately my site reactions are pretty bad now and not getting better) But the nurse suggested anti-histamine for it,the cream you can get for bites and stings, that might help. Kate x x

Thanks for the advice x

I was on Rebif for 4 years and always had big, blotchy red marks from injections. My skin became very dry in those places and quite itchy after a while. I did find that keeping them well moisturised helped a lot. Just avoid the site you are using for injection that day. Hope this helps.

Tracey x

Ice packs can help. I also had awful injection reactions on Copaxone and switched to Avonex last year. The Copaxone has left ugly dints caused by lipo atrophy on my upper arms and thighs which will never go away now : (