Hi my names Charlotte I was diagnosed with MS in May last year. I chose to start treatment in October and so far have adapted well to it. The only problem I seem to have are injection site reactions. I have been using the cold pack provided before and after injection and have been using witch hazel lotion. I still get the red marks and sometimes followed by bruising. I have spoken to the my support people who think the settings are fine on my injection device. Has anyone else experienced this? C xxx

Hi I was dx in June last year and started rebif in November. I use the Rebismart gadget and have red splodges too. I heat the pack rather than cool it but I think this is just for any after sting you may get. If injection settings are fine I think there may be nothing more you can do. Someone may give a better tip but I think it just a side effect that comes with it. Mine last over two weeks…at least I can see where I injected next time round! I work part time and have just changed my hours at work so I don’t have to work the next day, because at the moment, I am being completely wiped out the next day. Think maybe I am unlucky hope you are getting on with it better than me! Still early days I guess. Mish x

You could try changing the settings a bit on the Rebismart. I’ve found I get smaller red splodges / bruises with a faster injection, but slower time to release the fluid (so, from memory, I think it’s set as deep as it goes, fast and +16s). I don’t think cold packs do anything, but they might work for some.

My bruises are smaller than they used to be and don’t last as long anymore, so hopefully you’ll find yours improve with time too, but I don’t think it’s possible to get rid of them completely. If there’s an area that’s causing you particular problems, you could just not inject there though, e.g. I don’t inject in my arms.

Better bruises than relapses though :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks Mish and Karen. Apart from the red marks the injections do not really affect me I sleep through any flu like symptoms and I do not take any painkillers as I don’t really need them so I have been lucky. I just get these marks but as you say it may just be a down side to treatment and nothing I can do about it. I must admit the worst area for me is my legs so may avoid that area in future. My MS nurse is due to see me at end of jan so will double check with her that settings are ok. Thanks for your feedback it’s always good to hear what other people have done in their situations Char xx

Hi Charlotte

I’m in a very similar position to you. I get red marks that look a bit like love bites!! Sometimes with some bruising. My Rebif nurse came the other day and changed the speed of the injection - not sure which setting as she changed it. She also said only to use the cold pack after the injection and that a gentle massage on the site sometimes helps. At least I don’t have thighs I want to show off - every cloud… :wink: