Any tips appreciated, SSP about to finish

Hello all, my MRI came back clear and just waiting for a review appointment with Nuero. Its odd, as my Nuero only seems interested in whether it Is MS or not and finding any other diaognosis takes a back seat. Because of this I am still without diaognosis but grateful still on his books to be seen. The last episode I have had has effected my left arm,side and hand and has not got better. So I am still off work and not returned yet. My left arm and hand seems to be turning in now towards my body and is getting awkward to use, so I am not able to hold a plate and serve a meal on it or hold fork and get the food to my mouth without spilling it, so I use a spoon in my right hand. My SSP is about to finish and I am calling Jobcentre plus today to see if I can claim ESA so my work place can then reduce my wage accordingly. I have been onto the for help and the free ESA test does not work as it comes up that this site is a bad referer and not authorised to use. So, sending out this new thread with the hope of recieving tips before I take the plunge and ring them.


Hi Medion Yes, my SSP ended recently. You need to ring payroll at work and request an SSP1 form and get an up to date sick note from your GP. Then ring the ESA line and ask to make a claim for contribution based ESA. It’s really quick and easy and is not means tested because its contribution based. You will need to have to hand, your employers details and payroll number, your GP and hospital details, details on any overnight hospital stays in the last year and your bank details…so that they can pay the money in !! They will then send you the forms to sign which you need to return to them with the original SSP1, sick note and recent payslips. Hope this helps. Xx

thanks Mrs H