Any thoughts ?

Hi there

I’ve been reading on here for a while. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet so feel a bit silly. Feel very down today and was l was wanting to share my symptoms to see what others think.

In 2017/18 I started getting odd feelings on my skin, some like burning others like my skin was wet/cold. I had tingling some numbness. I felt my hand was shaky affecting my handwriting. My speech was slurred I was so scared to speak. My eye sight went blurry in one eye and my leg felt weird to walk on like it wasn’t really there (that doesn’t really make sense I know)symptoms lasted on and off a year. I had a ct amd mri and seen at sn eye clinic
They found nothing, said it was anxiety and I was left feeling stupid or that I was imagining it. Then just like it came the symptoms left and I believed I had anxiety, never really felt anxious till I was told that…

Over the years I had odd feeling in my legs and arms like zapping, blamed anxiety.

4 weeks ago I had a sinus infection them the right side of my face went numb, from the top of head to inside my mouth, all numb. Does any body have any thoughts. All sorts going throughy head, I had a CT and again I’m waiting for a neurology app. The numbness is very difficult to cope with.