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Hi everyone.

I just wanted to tell everyone what has been going on. In middle 2014 I had an episode where I lost part of my vision in my left eye for around 45 minutes. Following this I went to my GP who said could be down to anxiety. Around the beginning of 2015 all of a sudden I started to have pain and weakness in my left arm which in parts was sore to touch. I lef that and the next day this went up into my shoulder where I couldn’t even lift my arm up. With this I went to a walk in centre to said if still have in 24hours to go to a&e. So i went to a&e where they was not sure what was happening and said if no better in 3 days to come back and will run some more test. I ended going back up a week after my arm felt so heavy and weak I didn’t want to use it. The doctor there referred me to a neurologist who I went to see and had an MRI on my brain and back of my neck. This come back clear. And that was the end. I felt ive always suffered with very achy and painful legs sometimes to the point I have to go to bed because its that painful to stand. Since a young girl I have suffered with a very weak bladder with most of the time not being able to make it to the toilet in time. Recently my mum has told me that I am repeating my self alot and asking the same questions also when Im speaking I sometimes cant pronounce some words properly and end up slurring or not knowing what to say. Ive also had a experience where whilst lying in bed my left foot going numb. Recently Ive had problems with my right foot where toes going purple and very painful and little toe numb but not sure if this is a symptom. I know im going on but just want to make sure i say everything that I have experienced. Last thing is when I have been holding something for a little bit my left arm goes very weak and cant seem to have the strength in it. I was wondering if anybody has experienced any of these things. Would be very helpful to just talk to someone as I am not the biggest fan of doctors as feel I am wasting their time booking appointments for things like this.

Thanks for reading this :slight_smile:

Hi, I understand your lack of wanting to see docs…but where else can we go if we dont feel well enough to cope?

Some of your symptoms could be down to MS but not necessarily. There are many other things it could be,

Looks like you will have to return to your GP and tell him/her what else is going on.

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Hi thanks for replying.

Yes I think Im going to have to because things are just getting worse.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Laaureen,

I agree with Boudica. MS is a very complicated disease and everyone’s experience of it is different. It would be foolish of anybody on this Forum to say whether or not it was M.S.

Never, ever think that you are wasting your family doctor’s time. G.Ps are the link between you and the specialists. If your GP makes you feel that you’re wasting their time, you should look for another doctor.

I have done that on more than one occasion. They’re not gods,even if some of them think they are!

Here’s a tip. Next time you go, make sure that you’ve got a list of all your symptoms. If they spend the time looking at a computer screen, find another doctor. If they look at you, that means you’ve got a good one.

It really is a simple as that.

Good luck and let us kow how you get on.


Thanks for replying.

Ive recently moved doctors because the whole reason with my other doctor he just did not listen.

Im going to book an appointment with my doctor to tell them whats been going on as some is on my records already. Thats the trouble with some doctors they make you feel like your wasting their time.

Thanks for advice.

Will let you know how it goes.