Any pregnant ladies on here who would like to chat?

I’ve not told many people yet as I’m only 6 weeks. Would like to chat to people as I feel very alone at the moment.

Fiona x


Hi Fiona, maybe enlarge your topic to a more general audience …not just ‘pregnant’ women.

I’m way past my child-bearing years but didn’t want your post to disappear with no comments.

Loads of people on here, men & women, who would chat…possibly even a pregnant lady or two


Hi Fiona,

I too am past my child bearing years but I just wanted to wish you all the best. Sorry you are feeling alone at the moment.

Take care

Izzie xx

Hi Fiona,

well im not pregnant but have a 3 year old if that helps at all?!

I can feel extremely lonely sometimes. It’s really difficult to explain to others how you feel.

Hope you feel a bit better, being pregnant in itself can make you feel like this, let alone ms.

Do you have any other children?

Louise xx

I`ll add my two pennarth as well.

I am a grandma of 4…ages 7, 13, 13 and 17.

So where are all our preggy ladies?