any men outthere needs a penpal

any man want a penpal pm me and i will let you know about me.

Hi Janestan,

When I was 18 yrs old, I had a pen-pal, whilst serving in the Armed Forces in Norway.

I didn’t meet them for 8 yrs, but spent god knows how much time writing on anything that came to hand !!

Confessing my sins of the youth, advise on situations and problems, endless bits of paper.

We meet outside Whitechapel tube station on a normal day.

Now 28 years later I still talk to her, MY WIFE.

Hope all goes well with your quest,

Regards, Andy


Andy thats such a lovely story

J x

Aww! That’s so romantic :slight_smile:

andy thats a very nice story,you never expect things to be happen.

Hi Janestan,

Try these for pen pals,

There is also a site set up for the Armed Forces who deal with servicemen/women who live with MS and maybe able to help you.