Any help would be helpful!

Hello everybody, This online chat was suggested to me recently. I have been unwell for a long time and things seem to have taken over in the last few months. I went and had blood tests which showed I was low on b12 so having injections, also showed I have had glandular fever or similar in the past which I found surprising, I don’t think I’ve had it!? Although I did have swine flu about 8 yrs ago. Anyway, after making a list of all my symptoms that have been bothering me for around 2yrs and seem to be getting worse… It looks like too much of a coincidence not to be MS. My symptoms are as followed… How do I get my doctor to take me seriously and not think I’m being a hypercondriac?? Muscles weakness, aching, painful legs. Pins and needles in hands and feet. Muscle spasms and twitches. Feeling of sharp biting pains on my legs like electric shocks. Bladder and bowel problems. Arm or leg goes dead Off balance when walking Very tired. Depression and anxiety. Memory loss and confusion. Trickling sensations on skin especially down legs. Seeing floaters and blurry vision Heart palpitations Dry heaving/retching Ringing in my ears and burning ears. I guess I’m just scared, I recently lost my job as a chef cus I just couldn’t make it through the day anymore. I need the doctor to take me seriously so I can get the right medicine or whatever so I can work, as I’m facing poverty now I’m unemployed.


ask your gp to refer you to neurology to put your mind at rest.

see a welfare rights advisor for advice and help with any benefits that you are entitled to.

keep seeing your gp telling about your symptoms.

you may have to fight for the help that you need.

be a brave warrior and get fighting


If I were you, the way I’d try getting my GP to refer me to neurology would be to cut the list down. Trim it to the most vital things that worry you / bother you / have stayed around the longest.

The second thing I’d suggest is write a diary. Try to remember back as far as you can when symptoms started, ended or if anything has never improved. This will help you to identify the things to mention to your GP and again when you do get to see a neurologist.

The last thing is to not hang all your thoughts on proving / disproving MS. It’s tempting to check the symptoms of a given disease or disorder and to go to your GP or eventually a neurologist, with the thought that ‘I’m sure this could be MS’. That’s not the way good doctors work. They look at symptoms and consider ‘do I think this is neurological?’ (your GP), and in particular, ‘what do these symptoms indicate?’ (the neurologist) And thereafter, ‘what tests should I do to establish what this is?’

Try to keep in your mind that many things look like MS, but are not. The newly/un-diagnosed forum is jam packed with people who are convinced they have MS, and eventually find out they have a vitamin deficiency, functional neurological disorder, another autoimmune disease, or a different diagnosis altogether.

Best of luck getting a referral.


Hi Nhcarley

Great advice from Sue,

Diary - mine goes back to 1989, then diagnosis 1998 onwards.

Drs usually rule things out to get a diagnosis rather than all the symptoms = MS.

MRI/ lumber puncture usually confirms.

Look on newly and undiagnosed.

Keep us posted, hope it’s not but we’re here if you are.


Thank you everybody for your advice :slight_smile: will keep you posted.

Thank you everybody for your advice :slight_smile: will keep you posted.


There is some great advice above, the only thing I would add is, if you have an assertive (or pushy) family member or friend, you can get them to accompany you on a visit to the GP. Remember also that the GP is probably swamped with a combination of others who have either genuine important issues or less serious stuff, so you need to think about how to get their attention and not waste your or their time. Then set follow up times in your diary to keep the ball rolling until you know what you are dealing with.

Good luck


Have you ever spoken to a doctor about you possibly having an anxiety disorder? I have RRMS but I also have an anxiety disorder and I had all those symptoms until I got the right medication then they settled down. Yes, you may have a neurological issue going on but it sounds definitely like you have anxiety (dry heaving, palpitations etc). See your GP and ask for two things, a good medication for anxiety and depression and a referral to a good neurologist! Best of luck x