Any exercises for knee hyperextension?

Hi there, I sprained my ankle a couple of months ago and, although that has now healed, my gait hasn’t got back to ‘normal’. My knee has started hyperextending and it’s causing it to be painful and having a knock on effect with my hip and back.

I’ve been in touch with my neuro-physio and she’s put me on her waiting list but apparently it’s pretty horrendous. I just wondered if anyone knew anything I can do to help myself at this stage, exercises to put it back on the right course, that kind of thing. I use an FES for dropfoot and so that’s keeping me going but I’m wary of doing any damage to my knee before I see the physio.

Any advice very gratefully received, thank you!

Becky x

I can’t help with exercises, but hyperextension needs to be avoided, because once stretched the ligaments will not recover. However, a Swedish Knee Cage will prevent this happening and eventually retrains the muscles to prevent further damage.

Wonder if I have had the same thing or something related. About 5 - 6 years back my left knee joint just seemed to become too lax so that it felt as if the joint was at risk of coming apart if I tried to rise say from a squat or half squat position. No obvious cause. Had to take more strain on the right instead. No problem with maintaining a straight leg position though. Lasted many months before gradually fading away. other joints were playing up at various stages too, along with loss of grip strength and some leg strength and a lot of blurred close vision in the evening . Doc said problem with the joints was reactive arthritis but I wonder if this was a misdiagnosis.


I have bad hyper-extension in my left leg as well as foot drop. Both things are a killer. The Fixed Swedish Knee Cage sounds interesting, I will make some enquiries. Its important that you concentrate on keeping your knee bent the right way and stop it snapping into the hyper-extension position. Worst is when going down stiars, be careful

Re foot drop I would strongly suggest you look at the Musmate. I talk about it on my website Also look at this URL,

Good luck,