Any benefits found by taking Vitamin D?

OK folks, I really suffer with tiredness, and another fellow MS-er that I know in person suggested vitD tablets to help.

I've bought some, been taking them for a few days now but, well, nothing much has changed. Maybe a slight bit of extra energy?

Anyone else tried taking VitD? Has it helped?

I've been having indications of a relapse to be honest, I feel like someone has hit me on the back of my head with a brick and my legs have been playing up, horrible burning down my right leg as well, and I've had problems with being unable to void my bladder well for the last months or so - so are the effects just being held back by this 'flare up'? 

Hi elle,


Ive been taking them for a good 9 months now and have noticed Im coping better with viruses, am walking slightly better and dont seem to suffer as many weird symptoms as I did previously.


My gp took my vit.d3 levels and they were found to be very low.  My skin became so dry and I was constantly fatigued, mind you saying that, Im still suffering fatigue but not as deep if you know what I mean.


I would say Im reaping the benefits of feeling stronger, and my levels are rising, Ive gone from 51.9 to 68.3 and gp/osteo consultant suggests getting nearer 100 + to maintain optimum bone strength.


Id say give it more time before you may see any results.  I personally wouldnt stop taking them as we dont get enough sunshine here to maintain levels throughout the winter months.


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I take vitamin D3, but i havent noticed any improvement at all, infact i feel more ill since taking them, but maybe that just coincidence,who knows.


I don't think anyone claims that Vit D will give you more energy.

It is an essential vitamin and the body needs it. You can take supplements,this will make you less likely to get MS if you have not got it.

There is another part of Vit D that is absorbed from the sun through the eyes, this is the bit that makes you feel good.  When it is sunny everyone is happier

Even if you have MS keep on taking teh supplemanr 5000 IU a day.

For low energy levels try LDN, go to the website




I've been taking it for a few months and haven't noticed any difference at all.

Mind you, I'm not sure what improvements I'm supposed to be looking for... but nothing has changed.

A mixed response then! Hehe.

Well, I have been told that I need to change consultants so I can see an MS nurse and have an appointment with them next month so I'll bring it up then and see what he says. Absolutely gutted though - I've been passed through a few consultants till now, and I thought I'd finally found a decent one. Grrrr. 

Thanks for your help everyone! x

There is lot of information on the Barts & London blog, but this should get you started.

I stopped taking the D3 too early this year and don't feel as good as last year. It could be placebo but I will be taking for a longer perood this winter and if the summer carries on being rubbish i'll take it sooner.

I do feel that I get benefits from it.



Aha… OK, I see. Trouble with all these studies is they never ask ME. I’d tell 'em…

Like others I am not altogether sure what I should feel like now that I take 5 000in D3 a day, but I have only started this regime this year, so I hope to carry it on for a year or more. What have we got to loose (appart from wallet weight) ?

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After two years taking 20.000ius daily - l now take 10.000ius a day. l have noticed that l take  fewer painkillers for my osteo arthritis. But most of all - it seems to have nearly cured my lBS/chronic diarrhoea. To a point that l am not taking all the loperamide and codiene phosphate l previously lived on. Hoping l am not talking too soon. l know it is recommended for all autoimmune diseases which do include ms/parkinson/fibromylitis/coeliac/chrohns/psoriasis/lBS/hypertension/17types of cancer/low back pain to state a few.


Hello campion,

My wife has ibs - I will suggest she ups her Vit D dose

I think people are only just starting to understand vit D.  UK government recommends something daft like 500 IU a day!


PS Take a look at my website or tell other people about it.