Any advice welcome


first post alert ! Am looking for any help with making a decision about treatment.

I have had a very benign form of MS for over 20 years with only minimal symptoms and have never been on treatment.

A recent MRI showed 2 new lesions with no obvious increase in symptoms.

I now have to consider whether I’d like to start treatment. I am 50, I work full time and sadly my husband also has a neurological condition although his is much worse and progressing.

My problem is whether to leave treatment for now but risk the risk of the next lesion being a problem or start treatment when I don’t really have any new symptoms with the risk of side effects.

i would be really grateful for any thoughts on this.


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If your husband also has a neurological condition that’s worse than yours, then perhaps it’s a good idea if you qualify for a DMD to start one.

I always say that I have to keep my husband fit and we’ll because he’s the strong and healthy one out of the two of us. So avoiding disabling relapses should be somewhere in your head.

But the caveat is that to qualify for a DMD you should have had two relapses in the past two years. If your neurologist is prepared to put you on a DMD because of the new lesions, I would suggest you do it. Aim for one with a low side effect profile, that maybe won’t have as much protective power, but won’t impact on your life either.

Have a look at and talk to the neurologist / MS nurse if you have one about what they’d recommend given your MS and family situation.


Thanks so much Sue.

I was nearly started on treatment a couple of years ago but then the Neurologist decided to leave it.

I am disappointed I have new lesions but glad there are no symptoms. I will have a look at what you’ve suggested.

Thanks again