hi, hope everyone is doing ok. Could anyone help me, ive been having a tingling pins n needles for about 3 weeks, its on my scalp, cheeks, chin, upper arms, inner thighs, shins and feet. also intermittent pain in my hands, accompanied by dizzy spells and light headiness. It got to a stage this week where it was driving me crazy so I went to see the doctor. I was a bit confused as to the prescript he gave me, antistermines??? i thought these were for allergies. Maybe Im wrong. as anyone else ever been prescribed these. I havent had a definate dx yet, but have appoint wth neuro in 2 weeks. My gp said wait until I go there and they will explain about latest test results etc. x

Does seem a bit strange but they won’t do you much harm if you try them and see what happens. After all, some of the things great for asthma also make hair grow again, and one of the MS drugs is really an epilepsy drug.

Mind out if they’re the type that make you drowsy, though! Be a disaster for me that! Bad enough as it is, lol.

hi, thanks for your reply,yeah i did think that about some drugs helping other conditions so i have been takin them, but not really helping much suppose i will just have to wait until i see my neuro in 2 weeks to see what outcome of recent tests are. Seems such a long road and no clear help.x

As weird as it sounds, antihistamines can actually help!

I hope they do for you :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks for that Karen, i will continue to take them and hope they ease it. x