Another question...

Sorry to bombard you all with another question but just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice? First thing in a morning I have a facial paralysis… Takes a while to get going in terms of being able to speak and open my mouth wide etc. After a couple of hours it eases and I can go about my usual speaking/eating routine. Just wondering if anyone else has this and/or has any advice in speeding up the getting going process. It’s not that I’m not patient lol I’m just forward thinking about when I go back to work and trying to overcome any obstacles that may stop/delay the process. Lee

hiya lee

am thinking u need to learn/practise patience! sorry if thats blunt but i do know that wanting it to be quicker/speedier will cos u more frustration and this opens up the gates for feeling ms is winning blah blah. so i suggest dont make it a battle in the first place. accept whats happening-as u have learned it WILL change.

please be clear that acceptance is totally different from giving up! i have been diagnosed a while now and have learned to channel my precious energy into beneficial things rather than fighting/argueing with myself

ellie x

ps yes-i have had this for 6/8 weeks-couldnt eat/swallow-its about 90% ok now. so i do understand what u r saying-i hope u understand my ramblings-just trying to share what helped me