another question sorry!!!!!

hi all!!me again!!lol

i googled about whether the nerve conductivity tests cover swallowing probs&apparently the emg does.

it says they put cable down your throat&do it that way which sounds a bit scary!!!

has anyone had this done&can tell me if thats right or not&how it feels?!!



Hi Jane,

I’ve had a camera down my throat to check for stomach problems and not related to MS. Last time I had this test done I noticed the tube was only about 1 cm wide and slid down easily after a spray to numb my throat. Don’t get sedated, it’s not required, trust me.

My wife went for the same examination and was worried about the process. I convinced her not to get sedated and she had no problems at all.


hi john

thankyou for that.

ive got a few things going on one of them being swallowing problems&neuro has referred me for a brain scan&nerve conductivity tests.these,he said,will cover these swallowing probs too which i thought bit strange!!

mr google says otherwise so we’ll see i guess!!am waiting for appointment letter to come


Hi, I`ve had an EMG twice and it wasnt put down my throat. But I dont have swallowing problems. maybe you have to tell them. Sounds as if you already have eh?

luv Pollx

hi poll

yes i have told them

spose i’ll just have to see what test its going to be when appointment comes

it does seem a bit strange to me though!!