Another dreaded nurse appointment tomorrow

Advice please can i change my ms nurse ?

Since i changed my clinic only because it is closer to me i have been given a different nurse. She has made me angry and frustrated because of her un professionalism. I have missed an appointment because she did not tell me when it was or give me an appointment card. I know that we all make mistakes but surely she can have a quick look at my notes so she will know i have not worked for the last three years.

I wish i did not write this thread only because i read after about newly diagonsed nurse bad timing


sorry u r only recently diagnosed. but it is fact (wrongly) that not every nurse is good. neither is is every plumber, shop assistant, an other job. we expect a certain level of understanding and professionalism because we are healing with health but thats not the case.

there are some fantastic ms nurses out there-i hope u find one of them.

i have been in position of changing as first one was so unprofessional so it is possible if you ever need to.

take care,ellie x