At 4.30pm 11 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I used to cry thinking of the awafulness of this disease but now I have turned it to celebrate that I am still upright (sometimes!) and working.

Is this morbid?

Amy  x


Hi Amy, this is not morbid the fact that you are still working & on your feet  is something to celebrate. I was diagnosed in 2008 & since then I have had to give up work. I can't leave the house without having someone with me as my balance is so poor & my left leg drags  behind me. The DVLA has revoked my licence. I live alone in a 2 up 2 down semi. Some days I cannot manage to get downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink & something to eat. When my family phone to see if I am OK & have eaten I will tell them I am fine because they are all working & have their own life to live.But having worked as a staff nurse I know how lucky I am compared to other people with MS & I try not to feel sorry for myself which is very difficult at the moment. Sorry to complain but it is one of those days when I cannot get downstairs and I am wondering what is the point of me being here.

So no Amy you are not being morbid Because you have a lot to celebrate as you are still on your feet & working.

SYLVIA blush

Bless, That is one thing I will never understand is how MS effects everyone so differently.

Be positive you are still here! and tomorrow may be a completely different day. that is the joy of MS!!!


Take care


Amy x



Hi Amy,


Your not being morbid, i will never forget the day i was diagnosed,mine was the 16th June 1992 at 3.00pm,4 days before my 34th bithday,


i came out from the neuro telling me, that i had MS and i collapsed in a big heap and couldnt control my tears, a nurse caught me, and took me in a sideroom, so that i could pull myself together,and my life changed forever on that day,


it took me 2  years to come to terms with it,i was so scared at the time, because my friends mum had died due to ms ,so  i thought my ms was a death sentance,


BUT here i am 19 years on, and although i am spms now, i can still stand up, and walk a few steps,and most days, can look after myself,so i dont think i am too bad, i had to give work up as soon as i got my diagnosis, because i wasnt well enough to continue doing the job i loved,i kept trying to go back only to be off soon after returning,so in the end gave my notice in, i loved that job and it broke my heart to leave but i had no choice,it was harder  back then to  cut hours down due to illness,you were either fit for work or you werent fit for work.


All in all i count myself as lucky compared to some,even though i can be in bed for 4 months at a time,when i have a severe relapse.


Long may you continue to work with your MS.


jaki  xx

No Amy, you are not morbid so happy anniversary!

Hello Amy,

I don’t think it’s morbid, no.

I must admit, I can’t remember the exact time of my appointment, but I do remember the date, and exactly what the weather was like (suitably ominous and pouring down).

The diagnosis didn’t come as a great shock, because I had gone there expecting it. When the neuro greeted me, he wasn’t smiling, so I knew he wasn’t going to say it had all been Scotch mist, and was gone now.

It’s only just over a year since that day, but nearly two since the relapse that led to it.

The other day, I had very much the same thoughts as you: “Who would have thought, two years ago, that I’d be saying I was doing well, because I’m still standing, and able to go out by myself?”

It’s strange, isn’t it, how your interpretation of what it means to be “doing well” changes?

I never thought I’d be saying I’m “doing well” just by still standing up!


I'm having my first year anniversary on 9th December and was told at 3.15pm the time my two boys came out of school and I was on my own at the hospital seeing the neuro.

I wont ever forget that day it was cold wet and horrible and I also have another cold but havent really got rid of it since lol. If people had said to me that I as soon as I turned 30 I would be told that I have MS I would have laughed.

It was also my brother's birthday and our dogs lol. I just came out of his room and only wanted to speak to one person and that was my Dad but could'nt cause he died 8 years before.

I have since had two very bad relapse and can't go out on my own in case I fall. It has been hard but I have a great family, hubby loves me to bits and helps me all the time and my two sons (now 12 and 9) both make me laugh still.

I just sit and thank if it wasnt for my family I would have given up but I can't do that. Alot of my so called friends have'nt spoken to me since I got told cause they can't cope with it. So I laugh I have to cope with it so why can't they.


Allie xxx



At 4.30pm 11 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I used to cry thinking of the awafulness of this disease but now I have turned it to celebrate that I am still upright (sometimes!) and working.

Is this morbid?

Amy x

[/quote] It is always good to celebrate. Happy anniversary Amy. xx Maria.