Ankle spasm

Hi anyone here had a problem with ankle spasm. I get it with my leg never had it on my ankle. it locked for 2 days whilst going through pins and needles and numbness in both legs and feet. many thanks x

Hi Joanne

I have never personally had spasms of my ankles, although I do get spasms in my toes and upper feet. I would imagine it’s part and parcel of the delights of MS.

Do you take medication for spasms. I don’t but then my spasms are not constant enough to feel the need.

Take care xx

Hi I suppose I say ankle because that’s were my foot lifts up and locks. Maybe it is a foot rather than ankle problem??? I don’t take anything for MS. I have inflammatory arthritis and the neuro and rheumy are struggling to find what I can take that helps both without making either worse. This MS thing is very confusing isn’t it !! Many thanks xxx

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Yes. I have Psoriatic Arthritis so know what you mean about which condition is causing the problem and how to treat accordingly.

Good luck with it.


And yes Joanne, this MS thing is definitely very confusing…if life is not confusing enough eh?


Oh hello Blossom…you are who I have been looking for (sounds like a song lol) how are you being treated for MS and did your MS start with PsA Biologics or did MS come before PsA? xxxx​

It’s too late Joanne, I’m married Lol

PsA diagnosed in 2006/7

MS diagnosed in 2013

I did take Methotrexate for the PsA until last year. Stopped with agreement from rheumatologist. Decided it wasn’t making much difference but fed up with the side effects.

I am ppms so don’t really take DMDs but on a bucket load of meds for symptoms of both conditions. Osteoarthritis too-left hip/knee.

There are quite a few guys on here with arthritis type conditions along with their MS


Which were you diagnosed with first Joanne?

Oh no…your married? Rats lol. my husband will be pleased

I was diagnosed with PsA 2000. Had first MS relapse in 2007, then was diagnosed last year RRMS. Although because they made a little mistake and gave me PsA Biologics when the Neuro had reported in 2007 that my symptoms were organic and possible MS, they gave me them without realising. Im not bothered about the mishap but to try biologics for a few weeks, feeling how wonderful they were and I started to feel semi normal! Then they took me off them, I was at first more bothered about the loss of the biologics and not the issue around the MS! Anyway, I’m on Mtx but I have been on them for 15 years and they have lost effect. I am seeing Rheumy next week to find out if I can come off Mtx so I can concentrate on the pain relief and the nerve tablets xxxxx

Sorry Joanne, my brain is slow at times processing things. So they took you of the Biologics because they thought you didn’t have PsA? But MS then agreed you had both conditions?

Regarding Methotrexate. I had been taking it for about 7 years and thought long and hard about wanting to stop it. I just told the Rheumatologist I’d had enough and not taking it anymore. He understood and said I can always go back on it should the need arise. Honestly, for me personally, I don’t feel any different.

Do you have skin Psoriasis Joanne? I’ve had that since 1999.


They took me off the biologics for the PsA because biologics can cause a brief spell of MS, so at first they thought that was what happened to me until I pointed out I had similar symptoms 6 months before the biologics, and again a few months after they took me off the biologics and then at last they spoke to neuro from 2007 who told them I had possible MS way back then.

I have small areas of psoriasis. I also have 2 sisters and my father had Psoriasis hence when the arthritis started in my spine they knew it was a PsA diagnosis. I worry that if I come off the Mtx the psoriasis may flare up and after watching my sisters flake away I don’t that to happen! How cruel, psoriasis, arthritis and MS…how lucky are we! Neuro says I heave autoimunne. I also have under active thyroid and raynards, although compared to MS and arthritis they are just a blip in my life. Have you got anything else to add to the mix? X

Yah just reminded me Joanne, I have a type of raynards too relating to the PsA. We could start our own blog Lol.

I started with skin Psoriasis not long after my father died in 1986. It was 1992 not 1999 that I was diagnosed with skin Psoriasis. I get mixed up…often Lol. Get there in the end though! Just bear with!

I didn’t know that about biologics- interesting.

My skin has been in a good condition for quite a few years now. I use E45 a lot because it is quite dry.

I do my best to keep stress at bay but it ain’t easy.

Just go back on it after a break if things flare up…

You’ve bet me on the thyroid lol…seriously, that must be a pain?

Cervical spondylosis ( worn out neck)

Chronic migraine/headaches

Over to you!!

Lol wait for this …I forgot the severe and significant degenerative changes in the cervical spine…so ta dah…I have spondylosis as well. Thank goodness one thing I have never had since my teens is migranes. Heart murmur but I’m guessing that’s common em, I think that’s it?? I am wondering if we are related lol xx

I forgot! I’ve got an heart murmur too but nothing of importance apparently. Which is why I never think about it.

My spine is a mess. Yes that too is affected…laughing now Lol


Have you got red hair, blue eyes and freckles?

Yep got a heart murmur too! Allergic to penicillin. Blonde with blue eyes and freckles. Mum was Scottish dad was from South England…are we related lol Oh and I look like snoopy…ok maybe not lol xx

Well I certainly don’t look like snoopy. Yah can have that one Lol, with bells on.

I’m from Irish stock but we know all about the Scots and the Irish. Weren’t the two islands joined by land at some point in history?


I think I might be talking a load of that stuff that comes out of bulls Lol

Well you must be connected to Scotland, thanks to the Vikings Scotland has the highest rate of MS in Europe woohoo NOT. You seem to look like an Angel, so you won on the looks front. Lol I am guessing your no longer working with all you have on your plate? X

Yes that’s me, a 59 year old aging angel-the best type. Sick of being good Lol

I gave up nursing in 2006. What about you?