Ankle Foot Orthosis


Recently I was fitted with an ankle foot orthosis. It stops my knee from hyper extending (bending backwards) by stopping foot drop. An added bonus is that my left foot feels a lot more stable. Combination of the Musmate and orthosis is good. I can almost walk and talk at the same time. Another added bonus is the my ankle is much more stable and I always know that my foot is going to land on the pavement correctly.

It is not very pretty but I’m a bloke and wear jeans. I also had to but a new pair of shoes, left foot is size 44 and right foot is size 42. At £80 a pair (Ecco shoes) this is not cheap but it has improved my quality of life.

Anyone else wear an orthosis and what do they think of it.


I have just got a safo from Dorset orthopaedic. Which one have you got? The safo is very comfortable and works well. I also have quad spasticity which prevents the knee bending. There are no aids for that and I have tried the musmate. MOYNA xxx

Hi, I am totally immobile, but have awful pains from foot flop, in my ankles and thighs…yeh, it goes right up my legs.

The problem is worse in bed and I use pillows to rest my feet on, but I get quite uncomfortable at times.

I have an appt in Feb for an orthosis. I`ve been told by a podiatrist that there are some soft ankle supports you can wear in bed.

Glad your new device helps.