Angry for no reason

Hello all,
I have come seeking help. I have had RRMS for about 20 years (I’m 37 now) but until recently it hasnt really affected me on a daily basis thankfully.

I am getting some really bad, very sudden angry outbursts and on top of this I have been very quick to cry for as long as i can remember really. My question is could it be psuedobobar affect?
And can this affect you even if my overall level of disability is very low? I dont really feel like i can claim hat this is due to MS as other symptoms don’t bother me, aside from the odd relapse which I thankfully recover from every time with no noticable after affects.

Also, has anyone got any tips on how to manage this? I am sick of explaining the reason behind these outbursts is beyone my control over and over to people who dont understand or belive me (mainly my mom and husband!).


The idea that MS might be affecting directly how we conduct ourselves in the world is frightening. And of course it’s possible. But it is surely at least as likely that the sheer bloody baleful impact of having had a chronic progressive neurological condition for as long as you or I have has a perfectly understandable indirect impact on our mood, just as it would do on any bleeder’s mood MS or no!

Talk to your medical advisor. But don’t be in too much of a hurry to assume it’s a direct effect of brain damage. It might be just life, and that’s easier to manage.

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Hi Tia

Just wanted to say hi.

I have only just been told i have MS but my mood is very low alot of the time. Little things really effect me but then others (somebody hit my car) i can brush off.

I am sure I am not low because I have been told i have Ms. I am quite positive about that.
But because MS has damaged that part of the brain.

Hi Tia, have you considered something like CBT?

I’m also wondering if you could be peri menopausal?

Your GP will be able to help with both.

God bless

Hi, It may not help you but ive found evening primrose oil helps. I get very low and sit and cry for no real reason - maybe menopause, maybe MS, maybe just **** ***, who knows. but evening primrose oil does help me, and ive stopped and started it every now and again just to see and I really notice thedifference. Might be worth a try - wont do any harm and doesnt effect any medication.

Good luck, Ali

This can surely be a symptom. But I remember acupuncture helped me a lot while I was going through mood swings. I had gone through 3 sittings & it was really ultimate experience. I would recommend it you. Have a look at this article over here:

Could you tell us the dose that helps you? I have the crying for no reason and mood swings but am also menopausal and on HRT. I take omega 3 but not sure if I am taking enough. I still prefer the crying to the former chronic depression where I was numb and disconnected though. At least I feel alive albeit very emotional!

I get this too and don’t know if due to MS, clinical depression or hormonal imbalances (as my oestrogen is low, so you should get yours checked by a gynaecologist or your gp!) There is overlap so it can be hard to know the cause. However, I suffer less if instead of focusing on the ‘why’, I ask myself, what do I need right now? Often the answer comes as: just lie down and have a good cry. That calms me. I think you might relate to my feeling both sorry for, and often angry with my long suffering boyfriend, as he’s in the firing line for my intense irritation. He says I’m massively over sensitive and it’s true but, like you, I can’t help what I feel when the rage boils up. I’m trying to train myself to spot it and note the sensations in my chest and belly so I can take action begord it gets out of hand and hurts both the people I love, and me. It’s bloody hard but I hide a lot as I don’t trust myself to “engage brain before operating mouth” as my dad used to say. I find box breathing helps calm me down (fab video of 10 mins on YouTube). Also belly breathing, hands or heavy object on belly to focus attention there instead of on our thoughts or emotional pain in heart etc.
You are not alone, and you might also find talking therapy helps. I did online therapy with video for a few months and spent a lot of it crying and getting out stuff I hasn’t realised I was bottling up, from the past.

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I do gentle yoga practice almost every morning. I have had MS for 18 years and I am 68 years old.

Gentle Yoga is very relaxing to me. Gets my day started with happiness. I have practiced yoga 30+ years.


I recognise the anger response and the propensity to cry. In my own experience these are/were related to MS.
As yet I have not been able to sort out the crying, it can happen for the slightest of reasons, I am sure someone might be able to offer some useful advice.
I did however manage to alter my anger response. My MS nurse explained just how much valuable energy I was wasting. They helped me to use a conscious choice of response rather than an automatic one. I then enjoyed a big boost of energy so it is easier to choose a non angry response.
That is not to say that I still have moments of incandescent rage, but I am aware and don’t allow it to take over.
Wishing you all the very best.


This is so uplifting to hear as it gives me hope for the future given we were diagnosed at the same age. I need to get back into yoga too.

You’re so right. I’ve trained myself to recognise the angry thoughts and body sensations and use belly breathing to try and let them go. It’s more problematic at night given less distractions and more tiredness but relaxation focussed on the breath helps a lot.
Practising gratitude helps too but it’s an uphill battle on bad days.
I think I can accept and live with the crying. It’s a sort of release that calms me.
How are you so sure that the anger is caused by MS and not something else? It’s certainly a massive overreaction and even irrational on my case. Linked to other emotions I’m ashamed of like envy and self pity. Makes it hard to trust what I feel and also really tough for my partner.

I am fairly sure my anger was related to my condition because it would occur after a trip / fall or dropping something for the 3rd time.
Rather than being ashamed of your feelings or emotions, be aware of them and decide on a conscious or automated response and decide how long is long enough to feel that way. By exercising a choice you are in control which I find to be quite positive. It is tough for partners, but if you are aware and empathetic you can manage to be reasonable. It can be useful to imagine if the circumstances and roles were reversed.
All the best


Not sure if it the MS, But one thing I hate to mention is the dreaded hormones🤦‍♀️.
I have always been a feisty type of chick, but in about 2016, I really started to have this sort of thing. Angry at everything, crying , turns out for me it was perimenopause arrrgg. I was 46 at the time though and diagnosed with MS 3 ish months ago at 53! Something we ladies have to think about……


Sorry for the really late relpy. I just take 1x 500mg capsule daily. sometimes if im really tired/down/emotional I might take 2 - but thats only very occasional. I hope you find something to help xx

Hi there,
I found out I have Executive Dysfuntion a few years ago and some traits are short temper and irritability.
I initially thought it was caused by brain haemorrhage I had the year before but was told having MS was the more likely factor.
I suppose three deep breaths to calm the nerves may help; although I usually forget before I kick off about something or other --forgetfulness another trait of having ED.

This is really similar to my experience. I started getting bouts of crying, lost my confidence and went from loving yoga class to dreading it around age 47…spent 4 years investigating the depression, mood swings and irrational anger. Along the way, they changed my lifong antidepressant, managed to get HRT and accidentally discovered at 51 that I have MS following MRIs. If you were willing to swap experiences privately, I’m on or WhatsApp (0034) 662045990. Our cases just sound really similar. Meditation and belly breathing help, as well as the tranquiliser clonazepam, sleep meds and working part time from home. Also, although I still have bouts of crying and hiding, they always pass, and that’s reassuring to hang onto.

Well now- we must be related :sunglasses:
I am v v new to the forum and don’t have much of a clue. I am also internet ‘averse’- avoiding it as far as I can- so can we remain public for now? We might help some fellow travellers👍
I’ve done a fair bit of reading - as you do- and discovered that Oestrogen is neuroprotective, so maybe when the Oestrogen turn down the demyelination turns up? Ergo worsening of symptoms at meno- UNLESS HRT is discovered.
I’ve now been on it for 5 years and have no intention of giving it up. My GP , I think, is at the point of ‘whatever’ :sunglasses: I think that is what has buffered my MS symptoms and any disabilities- when I ‘forget’ my hrt my legs start to stiffen.
If you count my trigeminal neuralgia as first symptom, that was 2003!
But I had a scan in 2016 for ‘back pain’ and that showed transverse myelitis- how long it had been there who knows as I had not active symptoms- then the covid jab which resulted in me being diagnosed this March, but I wouldn’t have been scanned at all I reckon if I didn’t have ‘minor defects’ and numb toe ends.
So I’ve either had MS 20 years or 8years
Of course , it was always put down to the age old ‘anxiety’ . Something I do suffer with .
I start my Dmt on 11th sept (my choice) and decided NOT to have the ‘recommended vaccines’ - my rationale being the very low change of picking up diphtheria, polio etc V having them and pee’ing my already pee’d off immune system- why wind it up on purpose- who knows🤷‍♀️
Anyway, thanx for making contact and ask away.