Hi I have just had mine put up to 75mg at night but it makes me so tired what sort of dose is normal

Hi, I doubt there is a `normal`` dosage.

I`ve been on it for 13 years and i think it is a brilliant drug for nerve pain.

I began on 25mg, for severe nerve pain in my thighs and bottom cheeks.

I got up to 100mg before it zapped the pain.

Back in those days, it made me sleep 12 hours…lovely it was too!

I now take 75mg at night and it keeps the pains away, but doesn`t make me sleep anymore.

luv Pollx

I take 30mg but that’s not MS related, it’s for IBS treatment. I started on 10mg, then went to 20 and now on 30 and that’s since December. I believe that the dosage is far higher when it’s taken as an anti-depressant so what Poll says rings true with me.

It certainly helps put the stress aside for a decent night’s sleep