Am I going mad!!!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve recently been told I could have MS awaiting MRI as we speak. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis last year which messed with my colour vision then I have this really odd sensation in my toes and fingers I can’t describe it as numbness but it’s a very odd sensation like when you get to cold and can’t feel your fingers and if I put my head forward I get tingles down my back. And water seems to set off these what I call tingles big time.

The thing I’m confused about though is my brother was diagnosed with MS about 9 years ago and it was when the health consultants found that out they started mooting MS but I was led to believe MS is not hereditary? So I keep thinking maybe it’s not MS at all and am I going mad? My GP seemed unconvinced until I mentioned about my brother I’m a 45-year old female and would appreciate any input as I feel like I might be wasting an MRI slot and I’m really confused!

Apologies in advance for my rambling


Hi Molly,

No, you’re not going mad!

MS is not hereditary, but does have a slight tendency to cluster in families. About 1 in 5 people with MS have an affected relative - which means 4 in 5 don’t.

But 1 in 5 is still much higher than chance, so although not hereditary, there can be a “familial tendency”.

Several dozen genes have (so far) been identified as relevant to the development of MS (though not everyone with these genes will get it).

Obviously, close relatives share a lot of the same genes, so genetically, have similar risk profiles, but there is no combination of genes that means someone will definitely get MS. It’s only part of the story. “Something else” has to happen, which is why it can’t be inherited, but so far, we don’t know what that “something else” is.

Of course, it’s still possible you don’t have MS, and coincidentally have something that shares some of the same symptoms.

I certainly don’t think you would be “wasting the MRI slot”, as there’s enough circumstantial evidence to take things seriously.

I’m not saying you do have MS, and I hope you don’t, but I think it would be wrong of doctors to dismiss the possibility. They always ask about family history, because it is relevant.

I had a distant aunt with MS, but didn’t find out 'til after diagnosis. If I’d known, I would have told my neuro - and perhaps been more suspicious of early symptoms.


Hi Everyone

I have been newly diagnosed today and have been recommended to take DMDs - can anyone recommend which ones and any experiences they have had. Still dazed and trying to take everything in! x