Alternative to Lyricia ??

Hi All,

Wondering is there an alternative to lyrica for nerve pain? Im 10 years dx and have been lucky until recently, nerve pain new. I really cant handle the tiredness side effects of lyrica and hoping there is an alterntive. Anyone any ideas?

Thanks a million


Lyrica is AKA pregabalin apparently.Over the years I’ve been prescribed various things for the Neuropathetic pain which sadly is the major part of my life…The list includes,Gabapentin,Lamotrigine,Carbamazapine,Cannabis as in “Ooh that’s naughty”,Sativex as in,“Ooh that’s very expensive”,Duloxetine,Butrans patches,Oromorph and Tramadol.

Now ‘all’ I’m using is Gabapentin and Tramadol with the occasional blast of Sativex if the pain is particularly special.A strange thing has happened recently that even 3ml of Oromorph increased the pain.There is NOBODY in the NHS who I can contact who may have an idea why this is.Actually I doubt there is anybody who will be in the slightest bit interested.

Good luck, Wb