Alternative copaxone injection sites?

Can anyone suggest alternative sites for copaxone injections? I have very little fat and cannot tolerate arms or abdomen injections. I am ok with hips and upper thigh. I’ve only been injecting for a couple of weeks and I just don’t know whether I can carry on if I can’t find other sites. Can I use the back of my thighs? I’d welcome any advice as I’m feeling pretty hopeless.

Hi, I have been injecting Copaxone since February and due to trying to keep my fitness level up have lost the fat on my thighs! Fortunately I do not have a problem with abdomen injections and hips (still have the 'handles there) so alternate round those 4 areas, just ensuring there is at least 1cm between sites. As the instructions that come with the box, you have a number of sites but if one site becomes too lumpy, rest it and exfoliate it (in my limited nursing diabetic conditions). This tends to work for me. I have found a useful site with a little digging!

Will have to remember this but the whole time table looks a bit complicated!

As you have only been on them a short time isnt your copaxone nurse still visiting you?

Mine drew on me in pen and we took photos of all the areas I could inject in,including those round the back…its hilarious watching me infront of the mirror when my daughter isnt in with my photo doing x marks the spot!!!

Alternatively why dont you phone the helpline that connections have 08000851676 and someone can give you accurate advice


Thanks. The nurse came out to oversee first injection and I have a clinic appointment to see her in two weeks but she doesn’t come out to me before that. I was only dx with MS on 16th August so it’s all new to me. If I can slow things down by taking the injections I’ll keep doing it. I have been a distance runner for 15years so don’t have much body fat. Of course, I no longer run, and am on pregabalin which puts fat on, so my body shape will probably change. I’m going to phone the nurse for advice though as I’m in a lot of pain after injections, although I feel uneasy about asking for help or making a fuss. I feel sad about the changes I have to make. I still can’t believe I have MS.

Having been a member of an athletic club for 12 years and ran loads before that am the same!! I over did it trying to get my level of fitness back earlier this year and my body just decided it did not like that level of fitness. Miss the fells and cross country races most With a bust knee from previous running, realise the eight marathons will stay at that figure, though the countless number of halfs may rise if I get it right! At a tender age of 40 it doesn’t feel right to stop running!


I can’t help with the lack of body fat (not a problem I have unfortunately lol) but I can offer advice on pain after injecting. I had a nightmare with Copaxone when I first started it. I had pain on injecting, pain after injecting and really big nasty site reactions for weeks afterwards. In the end I got Emla Cream (and the plasters to use with it) on prescription from my GP, to numb the area. I would use the frozen gel pads after injecting to help with the pain after and took 1 a-day antihistamines as I was a bit allergic to it, hence the site reactions.

I did all of this for about 8 weeks, by that time body had got used to it a bit and I was able to stop everything but the ice packs. I’ve now been on Copaxone for a few years and still need to use the ice pack occasionally.

Good luck with it.


Thanks, Sue. I used an ice pack today and it felt much better. Also pinching enough fat together with my left hand helps. It’s really tough to give up running, I really miss it, but have started horse riding lessons! These help with balance and means I can still get out and enjoy some of the freeedom I used to get from running. Take care.