Altered Sensation

Hi all, my names Rich and i’m 33 years old married with my first child on the way any week now. Around 3 weeks ago I got a tightness around my toes in my right foot, i thought my sock was on too tight. After about 4 days in went into my foot then leg, then other leg upto just above belly button. I have numbness/cold/burning/tingling sensations, my feet constantly feel like i’m walking on something hard and this changes areas on my foot. It feels tight. Drained of energy. My waist feels like there is a constant band around it that feels numb like but not fully. I’ve lost a good amount of sensation around my genitals and when I need a number 2 I can barely feel it. Then theres the odd sensation on my bottom like somethings there and there isn’t I’ve had blood tests so far, B12 is normal. I’m still waiting on a neurologist assessment, i’ve chased it up but they say it takes time. How long does it take to send out an appointment letter! I’m not gunna lie, i’m a worried wreck, i have my first child soon. My wifes been amazing. I just dunno what to do.

Hi Rich the appointment letter is sent out by one of the secretaries. phone them and let them know that you are massively worried and just the letter would help. i was very lucky and saw my local neurologist who was german and with typical german efficiency used to type and send his own letters. he then had to pass my case to an ms specialist neuro. after you receive the letter there is still a whole lot of waiting to come. even once you have begun visiting the hospital there will be loads of tests. now you need to calm yourself because it is my experience that stress makes all symptoms worse. try to join your wife in preparing to welcome your new baby. anything that takes your mind off worrying. talk to your GP who may be able to prescribe something to help alleviate anxiety. when you tried to chase up the letter you were told that it takes time - that is so very true. there are a great many people awaiting diagnosis for something. ms is not the worst diagnosis. chin up Rich, you can do this, as a daddy you need to get used to worrying!! wishing you well carole xx

So I had my first Neurology consultation and he was really nice. So essentially the physical examination was good no issues highlighted. I did ask the question, and i’m not stupid as i know they can’t tell at this stage but i asked 'does it sound like MS because 2 doctors so far have planted that seed. His answer was, the symptoms I explained would put it high on the list but the physical examination would put it low on the list. I have to go for a Spinal MRI in the coming weeks. Has anyone passed or had a good physical examination to then have an MRI with a different outcome? Kind regards,

hello rich

at least things have moved on.

the spinal MRI will add to the picture.

as for your question, there probably have been cases. however each one of us has their own version of MS so it is useless comparing your experience with someone else’s.

ask to be referred to a neurological physiotherapist to address your physical symptoms.

then try your very best to focus on the impending birth of your little human!

carole x

So I finally had my results “reported” of my Spinal MRI after almost 5 weeks of waiting. There wasn’t a huge amount of detail but they found one area of abormaility in the form of a leasion (no other detail if it’s dymelation etc) on the Thoracic spine. Next step is… not sure on the wording if it’s another Spinal MRI with contrast including the brain or just the brain MRI with contrast and a lumbar Puncture. No idea when. I have another appointmennt with the neuro on the 7th Jan, so not sure if the other tests will get done before then or for him to shed more light on the most resent results. Either way, regardless of everything else I feel at peace with it all as strange as it sounds, i was feeling pretty low at the start. What ever it is I will just keep moving forward with it in the most positive manner that I can l. I have a beautiful wife and absolutely beautiful baby boy and there are plenty of people who are no longer with us that would have traded for my life in a heart beat. Life is very strange and it throws some curve balls you just need to build a death star to zap it lol :slight_smile: Kind regards,


So I received a letter out of the blue from my Neuro and after a meeting they had found another smaller lesion on the cervical part of the spinal cord and it goes on to say 'i’m afraid this increases your chances of transpiring to have MS and not an isolated case.