Any body have alopecia with ms ? I have had this all my life and Rls …

Yes I did started noticing my eyelashes and my eyebrows disappearing when I was about 44. Then my hair that had always been great began thinning especially at the front of my hairline and the sides.
I’ve no idea if it’s ms related but I believe its another auto immune condition.
My mum who is 92 is now completely bald and my older sister who also has another auto immune condition Hashimoto Disease also has alopecia.
There are 4 sisters in our family two of us have MS , one has Hashimoto Disease, and one has ME/ CFS as they can’t find any other diagnosis.
We all have a number of similar symptoms but only two of us have lesions in our brains and c spines.
There has to be a genetic / hereditary link.
We have also just found out that we all have a 50/50 chance of having a faulty heart gene that can cause Cardiomyopathy and are all waiting for genetic tests.
It seems from our family history that this effects males more than females although we can carry the defective gene.
My dad died of heart related issues at 47 along with a number of his brothers.
On the other hand quite a few of my dads sisters reached their 90s with marbles in tact and my own mother is 92.

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Wow thats crazy bless you all . I have had problems from the beginning tbh with hair loss on and off from age 15… plus allergic to most pollen and most things . from birth … im a twin but i think i got the bad DNA tbh as other is fine… iv had Rls from age 20 …and loads of problems all my life with my body just attacking me . Now Ms and transverse myelitis. Never stops tbh must be some defected xy cromasones or xxy duno .

Now in my 70s, my first MS symptom, vertigo, was at the age of 25. I have been bald since the age of 30 but can still grow a full beard.


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Hi ben. thanks for the info maby one day i will get my hair back or not … hope you are doing well .btw is that a shaggy ink cap ? I miss forging.

Yes Doomreeper, I think that’s a shaggy inkcap. I’m not actually a forager, but as I live in a rural location I sometimes spot things. This picture was taken amongst the autumn leaves in the hedgerow of the village cricket pitch.


Amazing pic … tbh i love the out doors . My bushcraft skills is on point .shame my Ms stops me most of the time .

Hi. Female, 43 year old here. I have psoriasis. I know that it can somehow be related to MS. Basically, autoimmune diseases are like pizzas. You get 1 and the second one is free.

Anyway, psoriasis on the sculp can lead to hair loss. I had a bit of a hair loss in the past but it’s all ok now. Check your hormones if you can. I was found to have prolactinoma and increased prolactin… that has messed up my hormones. I know that hormones can be related to hair loss.


Yer i did with the endocrinologist all seemed ok so he sed .but i still have a floppy one i found with Ms things just break down … :grin: