All the symptoms but no onclonal bands and 1 lesion in spine

For years I’ve been trying to get a diagnosis. One Dr told me it was definitely something neurological One neurologist told me to lay on the bed and asked me to raise my arms and legs and said I didn’t have m.s Another Dr sent me for a brain scan where they found 1 lesion but did nothing Then last year another brain scan that was normal. I finally saw a neurologist who sent me for a full spinal me I which showed among other things showed 1 single dymylating plaque. He sent me for a lumbar puncture which failed. So I went for another under a special x ray This showed no onclonal bands. The results were sent to me and my neurologist said he would see me in due course Thing is I think my symptoms are getting worse What do you think?can it still be m.s

The simple answer is possibly. But there’s no way of knowing.

But basically you’ll have to wait and ask the neurologist when you see him.

If you’ve been told the appointment would come ‘in due course’, I’d suggest phoning his secretary and asking what that man’s in practice. Ie, will you get an appointment within weeks or months or what? And please could it be in weeks?


I was diagnosed with 2 significant relapses in hospital for two weeks each time, only 3 months apart and my lumbar puncture was negative too! Even so I was still diagnosed with RRMS. Keep a note of all your symptoms and how long they last so you don’t forget when you see your neurologist. Definitely call your neuros secretary to see if they can sort your appointment sooner rather than later. Sharon