Is Alemtuzumab something to be excited about for those with RRMS?

The FDA in America have concerns regarding the side effects, but most other countries seem happy to make this DMD available, citing that its efficacy is worth the risks which are in any event, fairly straight forward to manage / resolve anyway.

Let me know (in no uncertain terms) if this isn’t a cause to be optimistic.

my sister in law cut an article out of the paper for me when i got my diagnosis.

it sounds amazing, so much so that i practiced saying it so that i could ask my neuro.

it wasnt licensed then.

it’s taken by transfusion like tysabri.

good luck

carole x

i believe it’s been available in the UK for a few years now. NICE love it and say it has tip top value for money.

it took a while longer for canada to give it the green light (they tend to listen to the americans i a bit too much i think) but it is now out there (albeit under another name) but only as a second line med.

still… it is out there.