Life, news, war, MS, economy, fuel costs, lies, have I left any thing out? Yes MS Matters never seems to have F… all to say about PPMS!
Feeling aggrieved and need a rant, I recon I’ll be dead by the time they figure out how to help. My only joy is that at least the poor s**s that come behind me will have it better :slight_smile:

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Good rant!

And… breathe! :grin:


Rant away, this is a good place to find others who understand how you feel.
Hope things feel better for you ASAP


Hi there HMS, it’s the old site Chrissie here x.
I’m only just finding my way around this new site, and it’s luck more than judgement I’ve found you at last.
I totally agree about media failures to omit or dismiss ppms.
I put it down to the media being ill informed. Their ignorance is more to be pitied than scolded.
It’s true there doesn’t appear to be anywhere near the amount of quality research to ppms as other types. I wonder if ‘they’ know there’s no cure, but just a downhill slope, and much needed research funds are better spent on something that will definately improve the life for other types.

Rant away HMS, just releasing that pent up frustration can help.

Remember we’re here for you, just as you helped me some time ago, & you’ve no doubt helped others too.
We all get angry with ppms and how the topic never takes precedence. It is about time M.S and all of its cruel types are well known.
Take care of you, hms, you know you’ll ride this through.
I’m with you, if something ain’t right, we should all try to fix it.

Chrissie x

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Hi Chrissie and any others
I quite like HMS it’s almost royal:). I do answer to everything including just M usually followed by :heart:x Realised how much I’ve missed the old :sunglasses:
gang. I got chased on another post for the very obvious ****.
PPMS use to be ‘the Cinderella disease’ has much changed? Thank goodness we have each other. Take care, be safe M :heart:x