What age were you first diagnosed with PPMS

45 years old X

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I was 45 too.

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66 years.

Was that from first symptoms Moriah

30 years

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My story doesn’t fit what seems to be the usual one. I had an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction after a skiing accident in 2014 when I was 63. The operation in September was a great success but the rehabilitation of my leg didn’t go as expected despite me doing all the physio. After about 18 months the consultant decided this needed further investigation and sent me for an MRI. When he looked at it he wasn’t happy, thinking I had an orthopaedic problem in my lower spine, so he referred me to a colleague. The colleague said the slight problem in my lower spine wasn’t causing my mobility issues so he got two more MRIs - on the same day that he saw me!! He then referred me to a neurologist and the rest is history. When I was diagnosed I was told I had probably had it for 5-7 years. With the benefit of hindsight I had had a couple of episodes of fatigue and some bladder issues. I suspect the skiing accident was caused by balance and proprioception issues.

Thank you Moirah for taking the time to reply. Skiing at 63 im impressed. Im 68 this year and going through process initial consultation with neuro doesnt reveal any problems even though l have lots of symptoms l have lupus and sjogrens and pbc so lots going on. Im paying privately to have an MRI of my neck and spine hopefully next week. I hope you are coping with your diagnosis x

Three years ago aged 55.

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I was just turned 38 but had symptoms from 27.

I was quick to dismiss any notion of having something wrong.

Self-denial rode high against the seemingly menial symptoms.

When I was becoming fatigued going up Snowdon, I knew I had a problem.

Best wishes.

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Symptoms around 30 diagnosed mid thirties.

Pam x

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I was diagnosed in 2014 aged 62. My first bout of Optic Neuritis was in 1990. Other symptoms did not emerge until about 2007/8 and I had my first MRI scan in 2010 leading to my second conclusive MRI in 2014.

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Also 56. Probably had symptoms from my late teens. At 24 when I first met my wife she commented on my strange gait which I dismissed as I wasn’t aware of any problem. It eventually turned out that it was my right leg when walking that led to my seeing a neurologist at 55/56 who diagnosed MS. I had cracked the bone in the same leg when I tripped whilst running during my 40’s so the problem must have been getting worse over the years. Other symptoms had been minor up until I was diagnosed.

Your experience on Snowdon was interesting Steve in that I used to be a climber in my teens/early 20’s and ended up practically on my hands and knees going up Snowdon once when I must have been around 20. I put it down as a temporary loss of fitness at the time.

Also I was still skiing like you Moirah whilst in my 60’s, but the weakness in my right leg was getting such that I was having frequent falls and decided that I was becoming too much of a danger to other skiers as well as myself, so sadly gave it up.


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55 but condition now is much better than it was then. Many people will disagree. What do they know?

My partner Dee passed away 2 weeks ago due to her Dementia. So I`m quite numb right now.

Funeral this Tuesday which I hope goes well.

Now I`m classed as single the benefits all change.

I`m so scared.

Goodbye Dee (Love of my life) I`m missing you.



I’m so sorry Scudger, I can’t begin to imagine how you must feel . Sending Love and hugs Michelle and Frazer xx

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Oh Scudger, I’m sorry to read this. You must be feeling all sorts of emotions right now and it is wrong to have to consider the changes in the financial situation as well. Hopefully you’ll come through it all as well as you can. Take care of yourself x

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I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your Partner,Scrudger ((((hugs)))) J x

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Hi Scudger, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, sending you my Condolences. Twinkle Toes xx

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