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i don’t know if I am worrying over nothing but recently my work sent me to an OH meeting to see what further adjustments they could do for me in work as my sickiness levels weren’t at a level that they are satisfied with. At the time I was referred I was currently on Copaxone and told at the end of Feb by my Ms specialist they weren’t happy with that treatment that I was still relapsing and suggested changing this to Tecfidera.

I went to my OH meeting last Tuesday and the doctor I seen was really understanding and stated he would explain to my employers that it can take time for me to find a treatment that is right for me. He stated he would document the last treatment wasnt strong enough and outline the benefits of this new treatment and how side effects may increase my sickness levels whilst my body is adjusting to the it. I left feeling really positive but since last week I have found out Im pregnant so now can’t now start Tecfidera as planned. Me and my partner are over the moon as prior to being diagnosed with MS we have for 4 years to have a baby. So this was a huge surprise to us.

Now I am worried that my employers will think I am being a nightmare firstly having MS and now being pregnant. I am worried now as I am not starting treatment due to being pregnant that they may suggest me giving up work at a time where we will need every penny we can get. My MS nurse said we will put a hold on treatment until after I have the baby. Can my work say due to this change its better for me to give up work and let me go?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Take a deep breath. Do what’s right for you. You did not choose to have MS and you are very much entitled to get pregnant. How one impacts on the other with regard to medication etc, may be something you could discuss with your MS nurse.

Work is important, so is having a baby. I would probably try and be honest, and upfront about stuff. You haven’t done anything wrong, your just trying to fit everything in, which is going to be a bit of a balancing act.

Not sure this helps, take care x

hi polly

occupational health should be trying to help you to stay in work.

your employers are legally obliged to follow a protocol, which includes OH.

pregnancy has its own legal framework.

do you pay into an occupational pension?

if so, keep all your doctor’s letters in case you are put forward for, and want medical retirement.

you should have no worries about work.

if you are uncertain see CAB to see if they agree with my understanding of the laws about disability and pregnancy.

calm down and enjoy your pregnancy.

carole x


In a previous life I worked in HR, so one thing I can say that unless your employers want to face a sex discrimination claim, they will not do or say anything that even hints that being pregnant is a cause for your employment to be affected.

Apart from making every adjustment that they need to that ensures you are able to remain at work. Yes, they may well take a deep breath, but thats life. Try to come up with a plan, so that you can help them. Think about what would help in the workplace - adjustment to duties, hours etc. etc. Try to present them with some solutions, if that is at all practical.

I would say that your pregnancy gives you even greater employment protection.

But whatever, they cant say it would be better for you to go.


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I did mean congratulations on the baby, not sure if thats how it reads…

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Thanks for both of your replies. I think earlier I was having one of my crazy moments of 101 things going through my head all at the one time.

I have a meeting later this week to discuss my OH report and plans around any additional support I may have needed with starting Tecfidera. I will explain to them that I am no longer starting the treatment due to now being pregnant and take it from there. My MS nurse has already stated I can start this treatment after I have the baby so will eventually go on to it.

thanks again.


Thanks Bonnie.

Were still in shock as only found out with the routine checks completed by the MS nurse for me to go on Tecfidera. So you could imagine my reaction when she called to let me know about my blood results. Luckily we found out before I started treatment.

Hopefully at this meeting later in the week I am put at ease as just now feel like I am about to drop a spanner in the works as my work had been planning me starting treatment and having some additional time off for this.