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Hi, I’m hoping that someone will be able to point me in the right direction. My husband died in May from Cancer. He was my main carer. I’ve been receiving free care since he went into hospital because I have no income of my own other than DLA and Child Benefit, and my savings are well below the threshold. I’m soon going to inherit some money, but nothing that will pay much of a monthly income. I therefore want to invest the money to provide an income, and I want to put the house into trust for our sons. However, I’m now in a position where Social Services could accuse me of deliberately tying up my money to avoid paying for Care, especially if I put the house out of their reach as well. This is causing me a lot of worry. I’ve tried Citizen’s Advice but they say they don’t give financial advice, and I’ve not had any response from my local MS Society. Surely there’s some organisation that can advise me. Anyone help? Heather

Sorry I can’t offer any advice other than to say have you tried the MS helpline 0808 800 8000. Good luck Jan

Hi Heather

Although I’m an accountant, I’m afraid this really isn’t my area of expertise so I’ve put some links below that may be of some use. The first one is MA from the adverts (Money Advice Service). They’re probably the best to advise you and as they are impartial, there’ll be no harm in chatting with them:

Sorry I can’t help more.

Lucy. x

Perhaps the ‘Money Advice Service’ would be able to help ( or point you in the right direction ?

More importantly, my sincere condolences on your loss !


Age uk have a couple of very good fact sheets about how Capitol is dealt with regarding care home fees. As you are inheriting money after your assessment by the local authority I am not sure how much you can do to protect it - it is an asset and will more than likely go towards your assessment. But this is a hugely complicated area and I only know what I just read! It’s quite correct that CAB won,t give financial advice - not advice that will help you avoid fees anyway but a solicitor may be able to help. Jane

Hello Heather

I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband.

You could try looking on The founder and editor is, Martin Lewis. You may have seen him on the television. There is a forum you can go on. You never know, someone else maybe asking a similar question.

Good luck, Noreen