Advice please

Help please. I had my spine fused in January 2014 after increased pain, weakness, and difficulty walking. This op was very successful and, for three months I was able to lead a normal life again. Last summer I began to notice pain and tingling in my legs along with weakness once more. I went back to my consultant who ordered x rays and an MRI to check that all was well with my spine, which it was. I was then referred to a neurology consultant. After a thorough discussion she ordered another MRI which was to include my brain. As I remember it, the scan confirmed that there was no problem with compression of my spinal cord, but there were some lesions on my brain which she felt were simply age related. She gave me a possible diagnosis of restless leg syndrome and prescribed iron tablets to rule out a deficiency. I wasn’t convinced, but took the tablets without any improvement in my symptoms.

By January this year the tingling in my legs had spread to my hands and I often felt exhausted for no reason. My bladder also became a problem, I started dropping things, tripping, and my memory has been much poorer than normal. I went back to see my consultant, who spent an hour talking to me and examining me. It became clear that sensation in my right side is poor, and my reflexes had become pathologically brisk. She was extremely concerned and told me that whatever I have is extremely serious. She referred me to a professor of neurosurgery and prescribed Gabapentin to help with the pain.

I saw the prof yesterday and was relieved when he told me that he doesn’t think I have motor neurone disease, but he did note that my gait is abnormally stiff. I’ve had a suspicion that this might be MS for some time now, but I don’t know for sure and now feel like I’m in limbo. He’s ordered another MRI, this time with a special dye (he told me the name, but I’ve forgotten it).

Do my symptoms sound like MS?

Hi Puzzled

The symptoms could be MS or one of a number of neurological conditions - the results of your MRI with contrast will help your Neurologist diagnose what the problem is. The MRI with contrast will help him see if there are any new/active lesions.