advice please

I have had ms for nearly 11 years now and have always been told i have remit/relapsing ms but im beginning to think that has changed now as i had a relapse in july last year and lost feeling in both my legs and feet from my calf down. This has not completely gone back to normal the soles of my feet are still numb like pins and needles and even though i can still walk do you think i am still ok to drive as i have just carried on as normal.

Thanks for any advice

Jenny x

Hi Jenny,

Incomplete recovery does not, in itself, indicate you no longer have RRMS.  Most people find, as time goes on, that recovery gets less perfect.

But if you are still recovering, even partially, you probably still have RRMS.  The diagnostic criteria for RRMS do NOT say recovery must be complete.  Only that there has to be some.

The other thing is not to give up hope yet, as you may have further recovery still to come.  I've had a relapse similar to yours, that took me a year to get over.  I did start my recovery before that, but I don't think I improved as much as I was ever going to until the full year had passed.  So don't assume that after six months, no further improvement is possible.

As for the driving, I am a non-driver, but I would say that if you are concerned about the possible implications for your driving, the responsible thing would be not to do it.  If you can't feel the pedals properly, it has to be a risk, I would have thought?  I know that's probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but the very fact you're asking means you're aware there's a safety issue.


Hi Jenny,

Like you I have been diagnosed RRMS. Was diagnosed 1997 and up to now coping quite well. I am on DMD-Rebif but I feel that particularly over last year my movement isn't as good as it used to be. I haven't had a relapse more just my right leg feels heavier,sometimes my foot gets numb feeling and I can't walk as far as I used to with my dogs.. My MS nurse in Oct said I was still RRMS. About 2 years ago I had a relapse where both my feet went numb,I did still drive short distances and the numbness only lasted 2-3 weeks.  I do have an automatic car which I find easier than manual.

So I guess it is up to you re driving-if you feel able to and can feel the pedals then it should be ok.

Hope you start to feel better soon.


Hello Jenny, like Rose I have been there, done that with driving with numb feet. I was scared to admit it because stopping driving would have meant big problems with life in general, especially getting to work and next to no public transport around where I live and need to go. I had several almost incidents when feet missed pedals and then a big scare, when car failed to stop at a busy junction, because I thought I was pressing the brake but wasn’t. That was it. Stopped driving manual car immediately then.

Two or 3 months or so of inconvenience and relying on buses and others for lifts followed. During that period I went through everything wih with DVLA (who already knew I had MS) and Drs/MS Nurse completing forms. At the same time I had driving lessons with BSM who had an instructor with automatic car, adapted with push/pull accelerator and brake and steering ball on steering wheel. It all came together in the end, amended licence (3 years) back at the same time I was ready to get an automatic car and have it specially adapted.

Felt strange at first but now it is second nature and I love driving once again and feel in control of the car.

Feet are still very numb and only occasionally feel normal.

good luck. Don’t drive if you don’t feel in control pls!