What MS do I have?

I won’t hold anyone to their answer but my neuro appointment isn’t for another month so wanted to see what you all thought. I was diagnosed in 2010. I have had mostly sensory loss rather than anything else. Basically I wake up and a part of my body is completely numb like I’ve been to the dentist. This fades to a duller numbness but doesn’t really go altogether. Also when I walk for 45 mins or an hour my legs either go numb or fuzzy… But if someone was to chase me I would be able to run. My sensory Symptoms have been worse since nov last year and I put this down to stress at work… Can’t seam to shift the symptoms this time. I haven’t seen a neuro since diagnosis because I wasn’t booked into see anyone and was busy with young children so I put myself last. I haven’t recorded all my symptoms because I was probably just trying to get on with it and thought what’s the point cause there’s no cure anyway. Also possibly a bit o denial thrown in there! So, is my MS now progressive because I don’t have any symptom free days since November? Prior to this it was def RRMS.

Not necessarily…ive had pins and needles in my hands for eighteen months now. Still.classed as rr. Following my last relapse I have weakness in my left leg, but following a relapse damage can be left. So my Neuro recently and still classed as rr. Now looking at DMDs. I feel m.s is very symptomatic and these symptoms come and go but.also can stay. X x x

Oh and since my diagnosis in 2004 one thing I noticed was sensations in my legs when walking for a long timr, never stopped me and I used to run alot… So again def not a sign its progressive hun. See your Neuro but I’m no expert but would go with relapsing, remitting x

I;m no expert but you still sound rrms to me.

It is possible that you are having a long relapse? some symptoms last longer than others.

Have you thought about taking the dmd’s? It really is worth considering.

I am a person who went into denial also but it’s now time to face this and think about treatment that may be able to slow the relapse rate in frequency/severity.

Good luck with the neuro appointment.

Best wishes


Hi what a lot of people dont realise is that with rrms,symptoms dont go away completely for a lot , i was dignosed rrms 21 years ago,and i have never been symptom free,when i have a relapse,i get really bad synptoms that stop me in my tracks, but after a time,can be months they normally die down,and i can get back to 'normal’for me,right from the very start my walking has been badly affected,but i was still rrms,and i can honestly say i have never felt that well since being diagnosed

each relapse left me with more and more damage,i think the labels they give us are more to help the neuros,and they are not always right either,i have thought for years now, that i was spms when i got my diagnosis,because i had,had, unexplained episodes of weird things happening that did go away,for many years, so i think that was my rrms,but no one really knew,so then in 1992 i had a really bad relapse that put me in hospital,that led to my diagnosis,i do think that i was already spms by then,only by looking back though,i also still have relapses with my spms,again a lot of people think that you stop having them when you move onto spms, (most do) BUT my relapses,just got more severe and last longer,now.

I am exactly the same as Jaki and only recently went from rrms to spms, but in truth think I’ve been spms a lot longer. Sue

Thanks so much for all your advice and tips. Yes, I’m wondering what the neuro will suggest and I’m up for taking meds depending on the side effects. Started taking vit D and starflower capsules last week and feel a bit less tired already. May be psychosomatic but even if it is what does it matter lol!! Good to see that it’s not as clear cut as I thought. I think if I could reduce my stress levels at work it would have more positive impact than anything!!!:slight_smile: