advice please

Hello everyone, I do not have a ms diagnosis but was rushed into hospital on Thursday with a suspected stroke. After a ct and mri coming back clearing a stroke I have been referred to a neurologist. I’m still experiencing symptoms: delayed speech, weakness to my left hand and leg. I am having to walk with a stick but was completely paralysed on my left side when I was taken in. I think my question is, has anyone had a similar experience and gone on to be diagnosed with Ms?


my advice to you is to wait for your neuro appointment.

make a list of your symptoms, when they started, if they stopped etc.

don’t hand it to the neuro but just refer to it to prompt your memory.

there are many other things it could be and the neuro will want to rule these out.

i didn’t have the paralysis until a few weeks ago (my dx was 2008).

take care of yourself, get good food in you, stay well hydrated and get lots of rest.

carole x

Thank you for your advice carol. Much appreciated.