Advice please re Avonex

Hi all I am going to be starting Avonex in a couple of weeks have put it off for a couple of years as I have a fear of needles and just can’t imagine injecting myself but I have to go for it as I am deteriorating quite a bit any tips,advice, words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated Thank You.

Hi Although I’m not on avonex (I’m on Rebif), I can assure you that it’s no where near as bad as you build it up to be in your head !! Find your soft, squidgy bits to inject and have everything ready in the one place. I have a pastic drawer tower storage thing next to the sofa. In the top drawer are all the things for injecting, so, antiseptic wipes, sharps box, needles etc. have a stock of antiseptic wipes for before and after the injection and plasters…although as yet, I’ve never needed one !! But above all, I can honestly, truthfully say, it’s no where near the big deal I made it out to be, before I started doing it. It really is ok and you do, really, get used to it. It’s no worse than a mild sting…it hurts more when they prick your finger for a blood sugar test !! Best of luck Xx

Hi supertramp, I was on Avonex for eight years until recently when I was taken off it because I had considerably deteriorated. I used to be terrified of needles but soon got into the routine of injecting weekly. I had flu like symptoms for 24 hours for the first few weeks but this gradually wore off. The only thing I think is different with Avonex to the other DMDs is that the needle is fairly big because you have to inject into a muscle. I used to inject into my thigh and alternate legs every week. I didn’t have any bruising or site reactions. Hope this helps and good luck. Anne x.

When I was taking Avonex I’s wrap an ice cube in a piece of paprt towel and numb the site for 5 min or so. No pain on injecton :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve been on avonex for 6 months and I too dreaded it but it is really not so bad! I get my husband to do it cause. I’m a wimp! I’ve had no real side effects bar headaches but take painkillers regularly…a bit of advice would be not to press to hard when injecting as I was getting bad site reactions from that!..bit good luck the thought of it is actually worse than the reality and it just becomes part of your normal routine…Emma

Hi there…yes, the dreaded injections. I started injecting in jan 2009 with syringes that i clipped into a pen. I used to warm the syringe in my hand for a good 10 mins before using it cos it will hurt lots if you don’t. I would take ibrufen and sleep it off. Never inject during the day, always before bed. After the first 3 injections i couldnt go to work the next day, i could barely walk for shaking after the first one when i woke during the night for the loo! haha

For the past 5 months i’ve been using an auto injector(i take this out of the fridge in the morning) which i highly recommend cos the needles are shorter (but still intermuscular) and are so much easier, i think i could do it every day, and i hate needles but i’ve only had 1 relapse since starting so even though i still get flu like side affects it seems to work for me. It’s not easy, but if it was i guess we wouldn’t have this forum.

Take it easy.