Advice on Tysabri or Cladribine please

Hello I’ve just met with my MS consultant this week to discuss treatment options. I’m considering either Tysabri (Natalizumab) or Cladribine. Any advice from people already on either of these meds would be much appreciated I.e. Side effects Thanks

Tysabri’s great - I’ve been on it for years. I’ve heard that Cladibrine is great too.

The big drawback with Tysabri is PML risk - your neurologist will have told you about this. Your JC virus status is relevant here. Have you been tested yet and do you know and understand your results? In your shoes, I would want to know that I had tested JC virus negative before starting Tysabri - particularly if I had Cladibrine as an (excellent) alternative option.


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Thank you Alison x

I’m leaning towards Cladribine because of the PML risk. I’ve not had any tests yet, just waiting for my appointment with the MS nurse to discuss what i want to start on. So early days…