tysabri & JCV


I’ve recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS, and my consultant has suggested Tysabri. Blood tests have shown i am JCV positive…now I have to decide if the risks of PML outweigh the awful relapses! Never been so frightened in all my life!

Is anybody out there in the same boat? Anybody any advice? Slowly loosing my mind here :frowning:

I’m on tysabri, but at the moment JC -, would of gone on it weather positive or negative,there is a great group on face book called Tysabri uk, full of advice and experiences . People who are JC Positive and been on it years, Gray

Thank you so much for reply. I will check the facebook page out. I’m in a dither, although I realise I haven’t a lot of choice…but reading your comments make me feel more positive about the whole situation! Thanks again.


My wife has been on Tysabri for 2 yrs but now she is in the same position, she has been diagnosed with JCV positive and been advised to stop Tysabri and think about a new drug to start. obviously she is very worried as i am about the potential of getting PML, any advice would be great. i have requested to join the FB groups also