Advice on diagnosis

Hi everyone. I’m looking for some help and advice if possible.

About 4 years ago, I presented symptoms of pain behind my right eye, blurred vision, constant floaters, slight tremor in my right hand and muscle stiffness. I initially was referred to an eye specialist who detected nothing after a full exam. I was referred to a neurologist who completed a full neurological exam and detected no abnormalities. The symptoms stayed the same for the proceeding 6 months so I was then given an MRI of the brain and spine. This showed no abnormalities. I then had a lumbar puncture which was totally normal.

Following all of this, my neurologist diagnosed me with status migranosis and put me on sodium valproate, citalopram and imipramine. After lots of playing around with dosage, my symptoms have been manageable for the last 12 months or so although my tremor and the floaters in my vision are always there when I move my eye fast. I also have good and bad days where I feel not so well sometimes.

Over the last week my symptoms have flared up again and today I visited the a and e department. He checked my reflexes, strength and looked at my eye movement and back of my eye. He said all was totally normal and the disks at the back of my eye were also not pale.

i am going to the docs tomorrow to ask to be rerefered back to the neurologist but I’m still worried that I have ms! With a normal neuro exam and normal Mri and lumbar puncture, what are the chances I have it?

I know you guys aren’t necessarily doctors but advice or reassurance would be really helpful! I feel like I’m going mad…

Hi Georgie, has anybody suggested MS to you?

There are many things that mimic MS so your Neuro would be the person to speak to.

Just from reading your symptoms MS doesn’t jump out at me…clear MRI, clear LP…but obviously I’m no expert!

Maybe ask your GP about seeing a Neuro who specialises in MS?

Good luck


As Rosina says, from what you’ve put it doesn’t sound like MS to me. Floaters aren’t a symptom of MS, a lot of people have them, and they’re nothing to do with a demyelinating disease. Also, you say your optic nerves aren’t pale, which is a good thing - if they were, it would indicate you’d had demyelination of the optic nerve. One of mine is pale, because I had Optic Neuritis in that eye. Neuro tests, LP and MRI being clear as well would all support the theory it’s not MS… So far, I can’t see that a single test you’ve had done would suggest it. I would see that as good news. Us MS’ers all know we can never be cured. Your issues may well be curable, and it does sound like the Status Migranosis might be to blame, and perhaps the meds to control it just need tweaking…

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Hi Georgie,

Been through this. Had the mris , reflex tests etc. You don’t have ms, but you do have anxiety which can present as symptoms of ms ( or perceived symptoms) . I would suggest looking on health anxiety forums . MS is a common worry for hypochondriacs(like myself).

Take care

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your replies. It’s more the tremor, stiffness and muscle spasms that worry me more with regards to ms, the visual stuff and pain behind my eyes is also scary! Went to see the doc today who said my strength and reflexes were good but she suggested I go to the eye specialist casualty to look at the pain behind my eyes, blurred vision and disturbances to my vision which have been none stop for 3 days - the floaters are always there too. They tested colour vision, peripheral vision and my general sight and all was fine. Also looked at the back of my eye for inflammation and other issues and all was fine. I’ve been referred to a different neurologist for another opinion on it all so just have to wait for an appointment now…

all your comments have really helped me think logically so thank you all so much x