Advice on 1st DMT needed please

Having been recently diagnosed (4-months ago) I am now in the process of choosing a medication. My RRMS condition is described as active but my lesion load is quite light right now and I’m not currently experiencing any symptoms other than a very light tingling. However, this could soon change.

So I’m thinking of going down the route of one of the beta interferons or Aubagio or Tecfidera. Can anyone please offer advice, I have been sent a million pamphlets and it’s confusing me all the more!!



It will indeed! I know that I came back from the consultant with my head in a whirl, they offered me Tysabri but having read a bit about it it scared the living daylights out of me, so I turned it down and plumped for an old fashioned injectable, Rebif. My thinking was just go for the lowest risk drug that does the job… and it appears to be doing OK so far.

Hello MB

Have a look at All the information about the various DMDs is on there, possible side effects as well as expected relapse reduction rates.

If it were me, I’d opt for Tecfidera. The reasons for saying that are that the relapse reduction rate is the best and the side effects are not much worse than any of the others. Also, the boffins at the Barts Blog reckon it works best when it’s the first or only DMD. Have a look at Multiple Sclerosis Research: #NeuroSpeak: DMF as a second-line agent or not The Barts Blog is generally accepted as an excellent source of information regarding MS, the best MS expert, Professor Giovannoni runs the Blog.

Otherwise, one of the beta-interferons or even Copaxone would be preferable to Aubagio. This is obviously just my opinion, but I think the relapse reduction rate is worse for Aubagio than anything else, and it still has potential side effects.

Being diagnosed with MS is a hell of a learning curve for anyone. It takes a long time to get a handle on the disease and all the symptoms, worries about potential side effects not to mention the choice of DMD. (I’ve had 21 years to get my head round it!)

Once you’ve read all the blurb about the various drugs, hopefully you’ll be able to get some guidance from an MS nurse.

Otherwise, feel free to keep asking on here for opinions and thoughts. It’s such a difficult decision to make on your own.


Thanks Fracastorious, that’s usual information. I had not hitherto considered Rebif but will look at this DMT option now – or will certainly read more into it.