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Hello there everyone

I was advised yesterday by my Head Chef that he was diagnosed this week as suffering from MS. Clearly this very disturbing news can only lead me to support him professionally and emotionally to the best of my ability as his employer.

Mike works in a hotel kitchen and this of course is an already dangerous enviroment without any of the symptoms he may face in the future during his treatment.

Whilst I have found some information in relation to how I can manipulate operations of the department to ease any difficulties he may face i would very much like to hear of your opinions and experiences.

Do you know of anyone in this job role who is dealing with MS? if so is there any advice that you can suggest? What can I expect to provide to assist?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Steven Langley

General Manager

The Bridge Hotel


Hi Steven,

May I first say how refreshing to know there ARE people like yourself who care about others; irrespective of employer; employee.

Very difficult situation for Mike; extremely dangerous to continue in his career he must look for a change. Tell him do not look on it as a door closing but many more opening.

As far as you and Mike are concerned you will find all the legalities about the Equalities Act etc. on

Not sure he needs to change career at this stage, anon, surely so much depends on the symptoms he is experiencing and how it affects him.

Has he explained his symptoms at present and how they affect him? He is likely to need opportunities for breaks sometimes to help with fatigue as this is often the biggest problem. There may be H&S issues I guess if he has difficulties handling the pans, etc but this may not be the case - have a conversation with him and ask how he is managing.

You might be able to get specific suggestions from Access to Work, they are there to help keep people with any disabilities in work and can provide help where needed, and advice. I would definitely contact them - they will have knowledge and experience of what might be needed hopefully.

MS is very different for each individual and his symptoms may be very mild at the moment and may not be having much of an impact at work. I would suggest that the best thing to do would be to find a quiet five minutes to have a chat with him and reassure him that he has your full support and ask what you can do to help. Make sure that he knows that if he experiences any symptoms in the future that may need some adaptations to the way things are done in the kitchen (where practical) he can come and talk to you.

There’s no point in assuming what someone needs - for example some of us find our symptoms are much worse in a hot environment whereas some of us thrive in the heat and hate being too cold as it makes our symptoms worse.

One thing that makes a difference is having an understanding manager - one that cares without interfering too much.

Tracey x

There is a good chance his ms will not get any worse. And having a caring and understanding boss will help him - as stress is considered to be a trigger for relapses.

Also, MS is certainly not the end of the world for anyone. There are far worse things your Head Chef could present with - alcohol addiction - bad temper - bloody mindedness [ or have l watched too much of Ramsay]. Make sure he takes a high dose vitamin d3 - [doubt he gets much sunshine] and vitb12.

Google vitamin d3 deficiency/magnesium ms and also vitamin b12 deficiency ms.

Good Luck to you and your chef - now always look on the bright side of life.

Hi, I have to say how I admire your efforts to help your Head Chef Mike out. As others have said, let him know you are willling to back him whenever he needs help.

He may need many changes to his usual routine, but then again, he may not!

Just let him know, in a quiet way to preserve his senior position, that you are more than happy to accommodate his needs if possible.

You may find him needing to take time off or to alter his shifts when he`s feeling less capable.

You sound like the ideal boss to have, in any situation…good for you!


ps give Mike my regards, oh, does he know you`ve approached this forum?