Advice for first appointment!

So after waiting for 36 weeks I’ve finally got an appointment ( who knew annoying the hospital would help!) Appointment with the neurologist is on the 9th March.

Any tips or advice? I have a symptom diary and I had an MRI done last year to check for swelling on the brain as my ophthalmologist thought that’s what was causing my vision and other problems (male consultant vs overweight female OFCOURSE my weight was the first thing he spoke about) Only result I got from that was ‘there’s no swelling or tumours but you need to see a neurologist’

So, any advice? I’ve asked my partner to come with me as a kind of advocate as he has witnessed my symptoms first hand and I’m not always the best at putting my words together and I’ll take my symptom diary too.

Hope you guys can help! - P

Well done. The only thing that I can think of: the neurologist should be able to see the pictures and the radiologist’s report on that scan, but these things don’t always go as smoothly as they might (as you know only too well!) That might be worth checking with the neurologist’s secretary. Don’t worry too much if it’s all too difficult, but it might be worth checking. You’re probably on first name terms with the consultant’s secretary already, as most of us are. :grinning:

My ophthalmologist from moorfields attached the MRI with my referral letter and it was an internal hospital referral so hopefully he should have access. And I wish I was! I’ve spoken to the neurology secretary once I think? The rest was just the appointment booking service. I’m hoping everything goes well

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Hello @PurplePunk
I saw the ophthalmologist @ Moorfields 20+ years ago when I had optic neuritis vision loss in one eye and the ophthalmologist @ Queen square, just yesterday, as I see double in the other eye.
If they suspect MS, they will include that in the referral letter. I wish you good luck for your appointment with the neurologist, next month.

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