Hi everyone

I’ve been referred to a physio who is trained in acupuncture by the pain clinic in my area, initially this was for skeletal pain.

The ms hug is very bad at the moment and it’s sometimes difficult to know whether it’s skeletal pain or the hug that is causing problems as the skeletal pain is in my back. Rather than increase Baclofen (yet again), she treated me for ‘the hug’, it seemed to work well while I was with her but soon came back the next day.

Just wondered if any of you good people have tried this form of alternative therapy and if so how did you get on with it.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, I have tried acupuncture before and did find it worked in the short term. I think it’s certainly worthwhile having more treatments & see if you can get some longer term relief.

The hug is really awful. I go through periods of getting it and hate it.

One thing that will make mine worse is wearing a bra… so that’s worth trying.

Hope you get some relief from it soon,

Pat xx

Hi Pat, Thanks for the reply, no bra this week, it turns out I have yet another water infection, so the hug will go back to just being its old self, coming and going depending on my mood and how warm it is. .

Wendy x

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